EGREGORE – Utah-Based One-Man Blackened Grindcore Entity Joins Sentient Ruin – Six-Track Tape Compilation Preordeable and Streamable Now

Sentient Ruin is proud to welcome into its fold one-man blackened grindcore entity Egregore, the recently launched solo project of Utah-based multi-instrumentalist M.A.E. The collaboration will see the light via a limited edition cassette compilation retrospective titled “Thought Form” , scheduled for a late September 2020 release.

Envisioned by band mastermind M.A.E and Sentient Ruin together, “Thought Form” is a fifteen-minute cassette tape compilation that includes all of Egregore’s tracks released so far via various self released demo tapes and splits, plus two more brand new previously unreleased tracks. The six blistering cuts contained in “Thought Form” introduce Egregore as an unprecedented aural scourge, delivering a blinding and feral obfuscation of complete sonic ruin grounded in the darkest and most elitarian and devastating strains of grindcore and death metal. With a wide arsenal of influences ranging from early Carcass, early Napalm Death, and early Bolt Thrower to the dark and sinister atmospheres of bands like Convulse and Immolation all the way to the grim and malefic intransigence of black metal, Egregore has created a dark weaponized conduit for complete aural bedlam that masterfully unites the iconic filth and ferocity of early grindcore and 90’s death metal with the crushing cruelty and darkness of war metal and modern blackened death metal.

“Thought Form” is scheduled for a September 25 2020 release on digital and cassette tape formats, and is now be pre-orderable and streamable in full on our Bandcamp and shop.

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