HORRIBLE EARTH sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions; Discography 2013 – 2019 set for release on October 9th

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome Horrible Earth to the roster with the collection Discography 2013 – 2019!

Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, Horrible Earth formed in 2012 and mercilessly deliver a calloused wrath of Grindcore filled with Punk/Hardcore and Death Metal influences. Discography 2013 – 2019 is loaded with barbaric riffs, uncivilized blastbeats, cold-blooded snarling, and a thick slurry of low-fi bass delivering a savage criticism of the failures of the human race.

This compilation consists of the debut Self-titled LP, Typical Human Behavior LP, songs from the Split 7″ with Psycho and a bonus live cover of GG Allin’s ‘Look Into My Eyes’ recorded at Maryland Deathfest. 29 earsplitting tracks of heavy, fast, and short brutality! All tracks have been remastered by Nick Zampiello from New Alliance (Coalesce, Converge, Inter Arma, Isis, Pelican, Torche). For fans of Assück, Benümb, Blood Duster, Brutal Truth, Misery Index, Repulsion and Terrorizer.

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  1. Bloated Carcass
  2. Embrace Eris
  3. Leaderless Resistor
  4. World Wide Famine
  5. Pleasure To Burn
  6. Endless War
  7. Vultures Picking At Vultures
  8. They’re All Dead
  9. This Intervening Cabal
  10. Intro
  11. Symbolic Ritual Symbol Death
  12. Bad Batch
  13. Chthonian Haunt
  14. Kill To Preserve
  15. Carcinogenic Dinner
  16. Endless War Pt. 2
  17. Typical Human Behavior
  18. War Shrine
  19. DeEducate
  20. Social Collapse
  21. Relative to My Interest
  22. The Standard is Misery
  23. The Greenery
  24. Congenital Breath
  25. Vultures Picking At Vultures
  26. Self Fulfilling Doomsayers
  27. Leaderless Resistor
  28. Fattened For Sacrifice
  29. Look Into My Eyes (GG Allin cover – recorded live @ Maryland Deathfest)

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