STRYCH:9 – released their debut video

Strych:9 is a five-piece heavy music group founded in Tartu, Estonia, in 2018. Their music is characterized by a peculiar mixture of nu-, death– and industrial metal. The newly released debut single and music video “Sacrifice” are part of the upcoming full-length album.

The band’s vocalist Kapa comments: “I am very excited because Tartu will soon be represented by a very strong-based project. For some time now, I have been implying to friends that we are creating something fierce, and I am extremely happy that it is finally possible to share the fruits of our work with others. This is the very first music video for me and participating in it was an experience in itself. I am proud of my bandmates, with whom we can realize our common vision.” 

Guitarist Ants Reiu said: “A few years ago we thought with Kapa we should do something new, special and striking. We started, of course, undercover, and it was quite difficult to put together the whole puzzle: from the beginning, we had the idea of putting together a bunch of people who are not only very competent musicians, but also have the right energy. Although we are all completely different personalities, the chemistry between us is superb. It is a great pleasure to finally present our debut single with the video, so far the feedback has been more than positive and I can confirm that you will soon be able to hear and see more.” 

 You can keep up to date with the group’s activities and news via Facebook and Instagram.

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