BARFBAG takes aim at human trafficking in new song “She doesn’t want to be here”

With their latest single released today, “She Doesn’t Want To Be Here,” insurgent punk-hardcore protest band BARFBAG is shifting their focus from deplorable regimes to the plight of sex workers and the human trafficking crisis. Listen to the song now at all streaming services.


Commenting on the new song, vocalist David Bason says, “‘She Doesn’t Want To Be Here’ is about sex workers and human trafficking. It hinges on the argument that, despite appearances to the contrary, entrance into this line of work can be deemed involuntary. Life circumstances may demand it, in which case it is involuntary and therefore oppressive. Even on a surface lever you may say “But they show up to work every day and seem to be having a good time. They find it empowering.” But looking past that surface and ask these questions:  How did you get here? What led you here? What is happening at home? Where is their home? Do you have a home? Are you safe? Are you ok? These types of questions lead to answers that may not be so easy to categorize. Yes, some may be doing exactly what they want and for that we applaud you, but others would rather be doing something else and this song is for those people.”  

BARFBAG, consisting of industry veteran and vocalist David Bason (WAR ORPHAN), drummer Brian Viglione (THE DRESDEN DOLLS, THE VIOLENT FEMMES, NINE INCH NAILS) and Kenny Carkeet (AWOLNATION) will release their socio-politically charged debut album, Let’s Stop A War,” on Election Day, November 3rd via Stay Gold Records.


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