FIGHT THE FIGHT’s “Deliverance” is finally out via Metal Blade Records (NA) and Indie Recordings (Worldwide ex.NA)

Norwegian high-octane metallers Fight The Fight not only release the title track off their new album “Deliverance”, but the whole album today! Watch the insane music video for “Deliverance” HERE, or listen to the album in its entirey here: The Fight’s highly-anticipated sophomore studio album “Deliverance”, is out now via Metal Blade Records (NA) and Indie Recordings (worldwide ex.NA)!

Media Entertainment Arts Worldwide (US) states that “‘Deliverance’ is a charging and epic iteration by Fight The Fight that we can’t put down”, whileMetal-Heads (DE) rate the album 10/10, describing it as “a spectacular show with its very own mixture of hardness and catchiness, which also has a good dose of Rock’N Roll in its blood.”

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Mysterious-sounding, depressing harmonics reign the atmosphere of “Deliverance”, which visually starts with torches and fire. This whole ambiance creates an ominous setting just before the punchy grooves of Fight The Fight come in. These raw and powerful grooves are what makes this band sound so massive.

Within the music video for “Deliverance”, Fight The Fight display our modern society and its immoderate relation to luxury, sex, drugs and gambling. The music video has anything it needs – Even a sacrificing ritual, party scenes, the band performing, and Lars Vegas – dressed like a king – showing his very long tongue.

Fight The Fight are the soundtrack to punch your inner demons. But furthermore, Fight The Fight are one of the most-interesting alternative metal groups out there, as “Deliverance” is an album filled with highlights. It’s full of catchy choruses, punchy grooves, heavy riffing and incredibly well-written songs.

“We are happy to release our second album «Deliverance»! After many years, sweat, and hard work, we can finally show you guys the result. We are truly happy and proud of the album we’ve made. Hope you guys like it and will play it loud!”

Fight The Fight’s music video for “Deliverance” is a crazy opening to that album and will BLOW.YOUR.MIND!

The band comments:
“We are proud to present you “Deliverance” – the most extreme song and video we’ve ever released. Play it HARD!”


Lars Vegas | Amok | Lord | HM |


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