NON (formerly Now Or Never) Release New Album ‘III’ and Lyric Video for ‘Point of No Return’

Euro melodic metallers NoN (Now Or Never) have released their latest album III  via Crusader Records bothphysically and digitally. 

III was preceded by two singles, the epic power ballad Until We Say Goodbye, and a stunning version of Duran Duran’s Ordinary World.

Today the band have also launched a lyric video for the track Point of No Return.

Stream/buy III HERE

III from NoN is about faith, life, afterlife. It talks about the relationship that one can have with their lives, loved ones, addictions…the love and care…what would one do if they had the chance to re live their life again? Do we get another chance? 

Sonically, the atmosphere of III is more subtle than NoN’s previous release, with the guitar and key arrangements adding to the vocals, culminating in a warm, wide and harmonic tone to the album, but still with a heavy and tight rhythm section. III is the best of both worlds, melodic but heavy!

“The III Album is about faith, life, afterlife… it took me 18 month to write the music, most of the lyrics were written by Marc Farrano, a Norwegian singer, a couple of songs by Ranzo (drummer) and I wrote one, Afterlife. The main theme of the III album, talks about the relation that one can have with his life, loved ones, addiction, the love and care .. has he done it right? what would he do if he had the chance to re live his life again? do we get another chance? … 

The lyrics of the album are much more “spiritual” than the last one. The atmosphere is more subtle, the guitar and key arrangements added to Steph’s voice adds a warm, wide and harmonic tone to the album, but still with a heavy and tight rhythm section. For me, it’s the best of both worlds, melodic but heavy !! the hyphen between old and new…. I’m really proud of the result of this album, the production and sound are top notch, the cover done by Stan W.Decker is amazing.

I think that NoN has reached the next level, we are ready to hit the big thing now that we are well surrounded by Crusader Records (Part Of Golden Robot Records) and its professionalism.”
– Ricky Marx 

NoN formerly Now Or Never was founded in 2012 by guitarist Ricky Marx (ex-Pretty Maids) and bass player Kenn Jackson (also ex-Pretty Maids). Short after, Now Or Never recorded their self-titled debut album at the Peek Studio in the South of France, co-produced by the band and Pat Liotard.

Their eponymous debut album was released worldwide on the Mausoleum Records Label, early 2014 and got a great response from the hard rock scene and good international reviews by the press.

NoN entered Peek Studio and finished recording their second album II, again co-produced by Pat Liotard. Their previous album II was released worldwide by Mighty Music in February 2016 and in Japan by Bickee Music in March 2016.
In February 2018, Now or Never rebranded the name into NoN and are back now with new members and finished recording the upcomingIIIalbum to be released on the 18th Septmeber. NoN is a band of experienced musicians, both on the road and in studio. Its music epitomizes the evolution of hard rock into modern metal music.

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