NCS Premiers ANCIENT THRONES’ Next Single “The Sight of Oblivion” Off “The Veil” Out Nov 6th

L-R: Dylan Wallace (Guitar)| Nick Leslie (Guitar)| Sean Hickey (Drums, Vocals)| Matt LeBlanc (Bass)
Photo Credit – Matt LeBlanc

Ancient Thrones have a second single “The Sight of Oblivion” off their debut release, under their new name, which continues the immersion into their sweeping saga of a concept album “The Veil”.

Far more technical than before, with lots of challenging riffs and guitar parts than their previous material, Ancient Thrones experimented with diverse time signatures resulting in a more extreme and in your face sound. The lyrics are much more introspective and unforgiving compared to the novel and tongue in cheek lyrics from their past work. The band puts the single into their own words:

“The Sight of Oblivion is a thundering dose of awakening in a foreign place not knowing truly what or who you are anymore. It’s about being free and naive to your interpretation of what the world is. We wrote the entire record from scratch and this was the second song to magically appear. As the true opening to the record, we begin flying out of the gates with thrashing intensity as this song is filled with speeding guitar parts, melodic passages, intense bursting blast beats and comes to a head with dueling twin solos. Welcome to purgatory, as you leave the mortal world behind and enter oblivion.”

“The Veil” is an hour-long musical and lyrical concept record, showcasing the band’s desire for storytelling and pushing them to new heights musically. The new album explores the journey of a man faced with tragedy, his mortality and ultimately the permanence of our actions told through technical soundscapes and haunting atmosphere.

Prepare for the unexpected as you journey along with a cosmic soundscape. Ancient Thrones is recommended for fans of Skeletonwitch, The Red Chord, and The Black Dahlia Murder.

“The Sight of Oblivion” can be heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE

The full album will be available on Friday, October 30th, 2020 with pre-order on Bandcamp.

First single “The Soul to Flesh” can be heard at the following links:

Track Listing:
1. Transient (1:58)
2. The Sight of Oblivion (6:00)
3. The Millionth Grave (5:53)
4. The Soul to Flesh (6:14)
5. Viduus (The Veil) (9:29)
6. Sentient (2:11)
7. The River of Rain (4:32)
8. Divided/Dissolve (9:12)
9. The Infinite Eyes (9:10)
10. Permanent (2:54)
Album Length: 57:38

More info:

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