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Hello guys! By your informations Avoidance only came to be at the beggining of the year, and you already have quality content! Please introduce your musical background and mention any other projects you might recognisable for.

I am the lead guitarist and vocalist for Avoidance. To be honest, none of us has a mentionable past in music yet. I played in Bloodholder and BWD, and I have another band with Leif called Akrasia. (Vincent Smith, 18)

I am the bands rythym guitarist and back up vocalist. Before Avoidance I had 2 bands that I played in, but those only lasted 1-2 month, nothing serious. (Martin Rendes, 17)

For me it’s my first serious band. I had a few high school bands, but I didn’t get far with any of them. (Bence “Bozont” Bajnáczki, 19)

I am the keyboard player, and also the youngest of the band. I got into music and piano very early on in my life, but I never had a serious band untill the March of 2020. To be precise, I had a school band, The call, which is still running, but without me. (Gergő Balla, 15)

I drum for Akrasia in the first place, but for the request of Vincent I agreed on taking the drummer role in Avoidance as well in January in 2020. (Leif Ludvigsson, 16)

When the band got together, did everyone had the same idea about the musical direction? Did you have time to spend on making music in the last months?

We took a break in the last couple months in terms of rehearsing, because we needed some equipment, which made us have to work. In the summer 3 of us were at Balaton, but before that we had 1 rehearsal a week at least. The musical directions were clear because of Vincent, since he wrote most of the songs, and since the first day we had original material to work with. (Martin)

You have 2 music videos and a complete album. It’s fantastic, that it took you only this little time. Was it your plan, to release an album right away? Do you have any other official publications?

Well, when we started this project with Martin, the first goal of ours were to get going fast. At that time in Akrasia, we missed members, and the band couldn’t really go forward, so I came up with another project to work on. I’ve known Martin, so I talked him into it. We both wanted something from a band we never got before. Back then, Martin had a band, that stood of a singer, a keyboard and a bass player. I, as second guitarist joined in, and asked Leif from Akraisa, to join to play drums. The numbers were complete, but the bassist didn’t like the genre, so he left with the singer and with the keyboard player. Which is when I met Bozont, our current bassist. He joined the band, but only for a temporary intention, because he was a stranger to metal, but he soon got to like it and stayed. We don’t have any other official publications, but for the sake of curiosity I’ll tell you, that we planned 4 music videos, but unfortunately we didn’t have the necessary tools to execute those ideas. (Vincent)

What to know about your debute album “God of Damnation”? How succesfull were you guys to execute your imaginations?

We had some plans about the quality we wanted to achieve, like quadtracking guitars instead of just double tracking them. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the technical background we imagined to have, but we learned all what had to be learned, we will use this knowlegde and experience when we make the upcoming albums. Nevertheless, we are complety happy with the results we got. (Bozont)

What would be your long term goals, that you would be happy to achieve?

We currently working on the second album, and all of us are trying to be more productive in the song writing process. Previously Vincent wrote most of the songs, me and Bozont modified some parts a bit, where we felt needed. Vincent gave us symbolic voices to get us started. But now we changed strategies. We gave ourselves more time, and we will be more prepared for the next album. Now we are jamming over Vincents riffs he brings to the practice space, and make our own voices over it. (Leif)

How prepared are you guys for the upcoming time without glory and fame?

Due to the pandemic, we are expecting the worst. Unfortunately no one knows when will this virus end, and when can we finally have shows, but we hope we get successfull as soon as possible. We try to keep our fans satisfied as well as we can, and try to schedule our posts in a way that we don’t blow all our ideas at once. (Martin)

I think in these times, your job is so much easier, that let’s say 20 years earlier, due to the digital options we have today. You guys haven’t been around that long, but let me ask, did you make any major relationships in any area already?

We don’t really have any major relationships in our country yet. We only know some online magazines. In the last couple of days some bigger sites has shared our band, like HammerWorld. From abroad we have some sites we keep in touch with, like El Tio Melodeath, Metal Detector Promotion and Melodeathmaster. (Gergő)

How much do you want to depend on well working PR agency? What opportunities do you guys see here at your home country and abroad?

If someone finds us, and makes a deal profitable for both parties, of course we will accept it. We would like to spread our music outside of Hungary, but we are willing to play here any time. We don’t think we have any chances of playing abroad this year, deu to the pandemic, but if we get called, we are more than happy to go. (Martin)

When can we see you live and where?

We got one offer yet. At the summer of 2021 in Tokaj. The exact detalis will turn out in January. We hope to start playing shows this year, at least once, and we are searching for any opportuinites. As soon as we have something organised, we will let you and everyone know on our Facebook page. (Martin)

What are your future goals? Do you want anything you want to achive as fast as possible?

We would like to make the second album perfect. We would put this at the end of next august. We are currently working on new songs, and we will hit the studio at the start of 2021. (Vincent)

Could you guys introduce yourselves in a few scenteces? When and how you guys got into metal music?

I’ve been playing music for 3 years now. In the first year I wanted to be a drummer, but I switched to bass, because drumming was upsetting my surroundings, but I didn’t regret bass a single bit!
I startet to listen to metal because of this band, to be able to write better lines. I don’t consider myself a metalhead, I am only in this band because I like to play music with the other band members. (Bozont)

We found this band with Vincent, as a shattered band’s only members. By the way I’ve been knowing Vincent from earlier. We travelled on the same tram, and he carried his guitar with him, so I added him on Facebook, and agreed to put a band together.

I got into metal music more seriously in 2017, when I could play all the Megadeath songs on Guitar Hero on expert. This experience really participated on me starting to play the real guitar. (Martin)

As some articles say, Martin found me via Instagram, this is how I became a member of Avoidance. I started to take piano more seriously, when I started listening Queen (Before that I would’ve only play piano if I had to practice pieces for exams.)

I started to enjoy rock music pretty soon, and after a few months I became a metal lover. I consider myself a rocker and metalhead. I don’t really follow any other genres. (Gergő)

Because of my father, I always’ve been close to music. I started with piano, in a music school for 4 years, then I was drummming for 1 year. After all this, I started to play guitar, and slowly and steady I created my own band, BWD. I’ve been in this band for aproximately 1 year, but due to creative conflicts, I decided to leave. After this, I created Bloodholder, with two buddies of mine from the same school, but because of the same reason, I left this band too. Then I joined Akrasia, where I still play up to this day. At that time, Akrasia couldn’t take my attention enough, so I searched somewhere else, to fulfill my needs. I got into a lot of bands, but none of them really satisfied me, so yet again I decided to create my own band. This time with Martin, we worked hard to achieve our long dreamt dreams. (Vincent)

As for my real name others use in this country to conqueror my attention is Levente. I’ve seen 16 summers thus far. I drum for Akrasia in the first place, but for the request of Vincent I agreed on taking the drummer role in Avoidance as well in January in 2020. (Leif)

Thank you for your answers. If you have anything to say, don’t be shy!

Soon our album will be purchasable in form of CD-s. For now, we only printed 25 on the first run, but if there will be enough demands, we will print more. It will probably cost around 2500 HUF (8$).

Thank you for the interview, and we hope, that we could serve with interesting informations, and brought everyone in the mood of checking out our album.


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