FOUL BODY AUTOPSY reveal their new video for ‘Like A Phatom Of The Heart’, exclusively with Friedhof Magazine!

On October 10th Foul Body Autopsy will release a brand new EP, Consumed By Black Thoughts, to coincide with World Mental Health Day, which this year is highlighting the ever more acute issue of suicide. Consumed By Black Thoughts deals with Foul Body Autopsy’s Tom Reynolds’ own struggles with mental illness, giving a powerful, personal perspective to this stunning collection of dark, melodic songs. Today Tom reveals a second song from the EP, as a new video for the emotive track ‘Like A Phantom Of The Heart‘ premieres exclusively with Friedhof Magazine. Speaking about the new song, Tom said,

It’s about unrequited love and how it makes you only want what you can’t have and only what brings you pain. It’s kind of a warning song about not wasting your time fixating on something that makes you miserable.”

Tom has described ‘Like A Phantom Of The Heart’ as the ‘ballad’ of Consumed By Black Thoughts, but don’t go getting the wrong idea – this is a ballad in Foul Body Autopsy terms, which means raw, violent vocals and a torrent of razorwire riffing, shot through with haunting melody. Read more of Tom’s thoughts and watch the intense new video for ‘Like A Phantom Of The Heart‘ at Friedhof Magazine now!

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Watch Like A Phantom Of The Heart here

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