THROANE – show special design and format for new EP

Less than four weeks before THROANE’s new EP will see the light of day via Debemur Morti Productions and suceed the critically acclaimed album “Plus une main à mordre” (2017) on October 16th, we are joyful to announce and show the special format and packaging of “Une balle dans le pied“. The newest creation of Dehn Sora is a highlight for all collectors of dark and sinister music, since it will be released as a 7” vinyl/CD/digital download package which is encased in a hand-made screen printed sleeve by Le 7e Oeil. Even though “Une balle dans le pied” is seemingly “just” an EP, its artistic concept can only be understood by taking the physical format and especially the cover-artwork into consideration, as Dehn Sora explains in detail:

The first ideas for the artwork came without any human intervention but felt wrong as a cover (this visual ended up as the label disc and artprint image). THROANE has always been a solitary experience, but if it can be a catalyst for myself, I will open it to very close individuals. If I can vanish behind the music and visual aspects and not be present as a central part, that works best for me. Some people around me need to express themselves and go through a lot in their lives. If my art can be a space to affirm, validate, and help go through those hardships, everything again makes more sense. 

I see the paradox between the image and the title. In part, the title talks about a self-destructive approach. In another way the image should feel like a cure, a healing process. But not knowing if the picture’s movement shows removing the shattered glass or planting it blurs the interpretation, which I would like to leave to the listener.

Dehn Sora (BLUT AUS NORD, ULVER) is not only a renowned graphic artist and designer, but also a collector of vinyl releases himself. Therefore it feels natural for him to emphasize the visual presentation of his releases and use those various (physical) elements like the material to create an additional artistic layer to the musical experience. While the the same song – “Une balle dans le pied” – appears as a single entity on the CD-version of the EP, it is actually separated into two tracks for the vinyl format. This underlines further THROANE’s will to play with form, ryhthmn, and disruptions of different sorts: 

Part of my reflection over the past years has included how form aligns with substance. I am a vinyl collector and I feel strongly attached to the format and its physical approach. The visual aspect is inseparable from the aural, and I think in both terms when it comes to crafting a release. There is a sense of understanding in beholding the full package. The idea of having a silk-screened case came naturally to me. The thin and vulnerable aspect of silk-screen printing made absolute sense for this release. Having a tangible experience, as well as audial and visual is important for me. Two different experiences are also possible with the CD and vinyl formats: both have their own unique structure, and the song is divided into two chapters for the vinyl version while on the CD-version the song appears as a single track. The idea was to have these two possibilities in one release. The short format of the EP was a good opportunity to experiment in these terms.

The teaser for “Une balle dans le pied” may serve as a reminder of how important it is to merge visual design and musical expression when it comes to digesting the art of THROANE and of Dehn Sora. The whole interview with Dehn Sora concerning the format and the packaging of the coming EP can be found on the homepage of Debemur Morti Productions. „Une balle dans le pied“ is now available to pre-order via the label’s EU shopBandcamp and US shop.

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