ODIOSIOR set release date for PURITY THROUGH FIRE debut album, reveal first track – features members of TO CONCEAL THE HORNS, GHOST BRIGADE+++

Purity ThroughFire sets October 31st as the international release date for Odiosior‘s highly anticipated debut album, Syvyyksistä, on CD, vinyl LP, cassette tape, and A5 digipack formats.

It was but last year when Odiosior made their bolt-from-the-blue debut with a self-titled EP. While a seemingly brand-new entity, mainman Vexd is something of a scene veteran, maintaining the more cosmic black metal of now-labelmates To Conceal the Horns and also having played in Ghost Brigade for many years as well, more recently, the now-disbanded Alghazanth. And Odiosior reflected this wealth of experience: a one-man vision of cold northern black metal, profoundly dedicated to the nightside mysteries of Satan.

Now Vexd returns with SyvyyksistäOdiosior‘s debut full-length and the fullest reflection of that vision yet. Here joined by drummer Gorath Moonthorn, Vexd explores lyrical themes revolving around decrypting the invitation that has always been there but is lost in the chaotic noise: an invitation that is not meant for all to find but to those willing to seek and make the effort to understand it, an invitation that leads you deep into the darkness towards pursuing the higher knowledge…the clarity in chaos. Thus, Syvyyksistä is about abjuring the human qualities that make man weak and worthless. It is a weapon of war against religious dogmas that rottens man from the core by blocking the true potential. While it’s a deeply personal projection of one’s journey, it’s a clear statement and warning not to cross this path, ever.

Musically, Odiosior here match form to content with an immersive expansion of their sound. While still very much within the pantheon of black metal – and proudly so, of course – Vexd suitably explores the extremes within that sound, from just-as-fast razor-sharpness to stargazing atmosphere, the melodicism alternately taking on triumph and bittersweetness alike. The sum effect is quintessentially Finnish-style black metal given cosmic wings of flight, no doubt bolstered by Vexd’s pronounced emphasis on spectral synth-layering, and all without losing that inherent nastiness. “Musically, Odiosior is evolved as I see it fit best with the lyrical themes,” the mainman explains. “This is music for myself, how I hear and feel black metal. It is merely a soundtrack to the real purpose that is my chosen path – raw yet melodic and dynamically rich. Production-wise, there’s been improvement but through a natural evolution, not something done by purpose of any kind.”

Leave the grime of the gutter and explore the dark corners of space with Odiosior‘s Syvyyksistä!

Begin exploring with the brand-new track “Takaisin kaaokseen” HERE at Purity ThroughFire‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Odiosior’s Syvyyksistä
1. Viha minussa
2. Takaisin kaaokseen
3. Laulu pimeydessä
4. Syvyyksistžä
5. Kaipaus
6. Olen myrkkyžä
7. Sotaan


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