Indulge Yourself With Video “Revelation” From LYONEN’s Debut Album “This is Lyonen”

Tato Rivas – Guitarist and Producer – Photo Credit: Barbara Gomez

Luis “Tato” Rivas is fueled by a passion for music, and willingness to spread his message through his solo-project, Lyonen. This comes forth in his debut album “This is Lyonen” released on August 13th, 2020.

Lyonen will have listeners engulfed into the world he creates with his innate talent and powerful compositions. Lyonen is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come. Rivas shares his excitement about this album:

“This is the beginning of a dream. This album represents a younger version of me trying to reach dreams that were perturbed by opinions, lack of support from family. The cover art is inspired by that boy looking at the horizon with a clear vision of what he wanted, many emotions, and a huge challenge. This album for me is a way to say “I can” no matter what. In the middle of the pandemic without a job without money I said, I am going to do this, and I did it. I want to prove that anyone can do anything they want.”

The track “Revelation” is about not being engrossed in the lives of others and how you need the courage to do your own thing. The lyric, “the weak men always die” infers that a man with no passion is just an empty soul running on autopilot. Soaring powerful vocals are provided by the UK’s Craig Cairns.

Recommended for fans of Iron Maiden, Helloween, and Stratovarius, this release is just the tip of the iceberg for Lyonen; music is constantly being written and there are plans for a follow up album next year.

The album is out now and available on Apple MusicSpotify, and

Watch the video for “Revelation” on YouTube.

Track Listing:
1. Revelation (4:39)
2. Lyonen (4:54)
3. No Borders (4:52)
4. Nehme die Sünde (3:23)
5. I Am Not Wild (4:43)
6. Angels of Freedom (5:59)
7. Dancing Free (5:40)
8. Hard To Destroy (4:13)
9. Breaking The Silence (4:29)
10. 2 Hours to Go (3:20)
11. Outro (1:35)
Album Length: 47:54

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