MAVORIM and AD MORTEM to release split album via PURITY THROUGH FIRE – first track revealed

Purity ThroughFire is proud to present Iudicium Ultimum, a special split album between Mavorim and Ad Mortem, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. The CD and tape versions will be released on October 31st while the vinyl version shall follow later in the year.

Featuring a total of nine songs across 51 minutes, Iudicium Ultimum as an apt portrait of nowadays German black metal: proud and pure in its expression, honoring the past whilst not being shackled to it, and evincing a professionalism that doesn’t sacrifice true underground spirit. Paradigmatic of this development are Mavorim, true titans of today’s Teutonic black metal scene; meteoric has been their rise the last five years, with two well-received albums via Purity ThroughFire amongst a handful of EPs and splits. Mainman Baptist has always had an ear for somber-yet-stirring melodies even when his attack’s strict ‘n’ strident, but with his three epic tracks here (plus intro), Mavorim reveal yet more color residing deeply within their black; an almost elegiac aspect arises, a surprising solemnity that nevertheless retains the band’s characteristic effervescence.

Although possessing a comparatively sparser discography, Ad Mortem are a poignant counterpart for this split. Largely up-tempo, with rhythms spanning gallop and headbang alike, the quartet of Ad Mortem evince an undeniable physicality that remains hook-heavy and hummable. Likewise, their execution is seamlessly flowing and even swinging, making their martial thrust all the more mesmerizing. More than that, with a demo and a short split to their name, Ad Mortem‘s more extended contribution here suggests plenty of paths for their future, both triumphant and terror-inducing…

With atmospheric segues bookending both bands’ respective halves, Iudicium Ultimum, functions like a true split album rather than a slapdash collection of leftover tracks. More than that, again, Mavorim and Ad Mortem equally display the new(er) face of Germanic black metal – raise the banners!

Raise the first banner with Mavorim‘s brand-new track “Tod und Teufel” HERE at Purity ThroughFire‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Mavorim & Ad Mortem’s Iudicium Ultimum
1. Präludium
2. Tod und Teufel
3. Ein Fluch ward uns geschenkt
4. All meine Seelen

Ad Mortem
5. Dem Tod zu Ehren
6. Schwarzes Blut (Exitium I)
7. Kerker (Exitium II)
8. Vernichtungsschlag (Exitium III)
9. auf ewig verdammt (Outro)


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