CULTUS PROFANO re-release vinyl/tape edition of “Accursed Possession”

The second CULTUS PROFANO album, “Accursed Possession”, was described as the “record that really builds on the magic of black metal second wave” (Two Guys Metal Reviews). It seems, however, that not only the press rewarded the second offering with interest and praise. Indeed, the first run of the vinyl pressing as well as the tape edition and the t-shirt quickly sold out. Debemur Morti Productions are delighted to announce a second batch of these on “black (or better said: red) gold” and analogue cassette in order to keep the flame of Satanic Black Metal burning throughout the ages!

From November 13th onwards, “Accursed Possession” will be available again in “solid red” and “opaque red marble” colours. There will also be a repress of the exclusive DMP edition. The new cassette version will come in red tape. Pre-orders are starting now, and since today Bandcamp is offering another “No-Fee-Friday”, this is the perfect opportunity for fans to support the band and label directly! If you do not trust the media and want your own ears to judge the album, please find the full album on YouTube via our partner Black Metal Promotion for your enjoyment:

Also be aware: along with the re-release come a new t-shirt as well as a special old school longsleeve design whose looks pay tribute to the glorious days of Norwegian Black Metal when the cold sound and hot hearts of artists spread fear and terror. Without doubt, CULTUS PROFANO are among the few bands who carry the torch of those long-lost days into the future!

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