Moribund Records proudly announces a Cult Pact with Italy’s occult MALAMORTE!

Fans of Italian metal may recognize the name Alessandro Nunziati; this is a man full of talent and dark creativity! He’s a well known musician, record producer and author, probably best known by the stage name Lord Vampyr (or L.V.). While initially made famous as the former vocalist and a founding member of Theatres des Vampires, L.V. has been for all intents and purposes a solo artist since 2004. His prior bands, such as Cain, Lord Vampyr, Hermeticum, and many others have led him even further down the occult paths, towards the sinister Heavy Metal realm of MALAMORTE!

MALAMORTE is definitely for fans of ‘old school’ Heavy Metal- if you worship King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, Death SS, or Venom, this sound is for you !! Occult lyrics accompany steadfast, dark Heavy Metal with extremely catchy rhythm, often lapsing the epic feel of True Heavy Metal and running up on the ritualistic moods of 80’s Black Thrash.

“I am extremely excited and pleased to Finally have MALAMORTE join our Roster of original and leading True Metal bands. Not only have we been trying to get MALAMORTE on the label for at least the last 2 years, I have also been a long time fan of Alessandro Nunziati’s many other / prior bands for decades!” Odin “The Old Goat Thompson, Label Manager at Moribund Records, proudly exclaims. “MALAMORTE is also the PERFECT addition to our ‘expanding’ list of True Heavy Metal bands along side Satan’s Host and Where Evil Follows. Following MALAMORTE’s last several INCREDIBLE albums, I think we ALL have a masterpiece of True Metal to look forward to in 2021 through this devilish pact!”

L.V. is currently in the process of creating the 5th full-length for MALAMORTE, and their Moribund Cult debut. “After many years of chasing each other, I am finally happy to announce that the Malamorte have reached an agreement with the Moribund Cult,” announces Alessandro. “I believe there is a time for everything, this was the right time to be part of this historic label. I think we will work well together, because after so many years, we have not lost our passion for music and for certain themes.Now you just have to wait for the ritual to take place.”

Official album details to be released soon! Follow the Moribund Cult & MALAMORTE for details as they surface!

Official Website | Facebook Bandcamp

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