LIE STILL (featuring Pete Ponitkoff of Benümb / Agenda Of Swine / Treasonist) sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions; Severing The Hands Of Manipulation And Hate.” set for release on November 13th

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed California’s old school Hardcore heathens LIE STILL (featuring Pete Ponitkoff of Benümb / Agenda Of Swine / Treasonist). The new album Severing The Hands Of Manipulation And Hate is up now for pre-order and will be released November 13th as a digital album.

Album track “Sorrow and Rage” is now streaming at

LIE STILL make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the album Severing The Hands Of Manipulation And Hate! Pete Ponitkoff (Benümb / Agenda Of Swine / Treasonist) returns to HPGD with 23 tracks of intense Hardcore, thrown back to the days long past. For fans of Cryptic Slaughter, Attitude Adjustment, 7 Seconds and MDC.

Pre-save this release on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. at

Pre-order Severing The Hands Of Manipulation And Hate at


  1. Defeated Principles
  2. Audience To Fools
  3. Reasoning With The Way Willing
  4. Decay Of Ideals
  5. Wallow In Compromise
  6. Justification To Quit
  7. Freedom In Individual Courage
  8. Mentally Outnumbered
  9. Void Of Action
  10. Sorrow And Rage
  11. Combat And Reverse
  12. Cast From The Throne
  13. Ascend From Despair
  14. Corrosive
  15. Approval From Fools
  16. Enslaved And Left To Starve
  17. Strains Of Addiction
  18. Blood In The Water
  19. For One Another
  20. Questions Left Unanswered
  21. Perpetuation Of The Cycle
  22. Exceed
  23. The Binding Lie

Pre-order the LIE STILL Logo T-Shirt for only $15 at

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