FRATURA launches dirty and distorted metal record, with Black-Beat sound and anarchist punk influences

Fratura is a “one man band” from São Paulo, Brazil, created at the end of 2019. A band formed by a single member, its creator, “Corposeco”, which also defined and attributed to the project’s sound, the term Black-Beat . Fratura has just released his new album entitled “Corposeco”, on all streaming platforms via Electric Funeral Records.

The project’s inspiration comes mainly from the Scandinavian one-man bands of extreme sound and also, for the fundamental reason, the difficult mission of forming a band with more members in the dark and pandemic scenario in which we find ourselves. In the sonority it is easy to perceive the traces of the author’s musical influences, such as black metal, crust punk, d-beat, doom and powerviolence.

In the same way you can see a simple and direct technical quality, giving the feeling that anyone can make a sound alone, the way they want, saying what they want, dirty and distorted, without mold, part of the concept free from anarchist punk influences .Fratura have been composing their own songs, recording and releasing digitally and independently, the demo entitled “Necroambulist” already in the beginning of 2020. All the material, from the composition to the mixing of the recordings, are performed by the musician in his home, in the style “Do it yourself”, having also recorded all the instruments individually.

The theme of the letters goes through subjects such as the human crisis and its darkest desires, the whole mythology of Satanism and the need to free ourselves from dogmas for our own self-knowledge and evolution. From this orgy of philosophies and sonority the Black-Beat was born, the Fracture was born. Or as the author himself, Corposeco, defines the style of the band: “Black-Beat is the rotten remnant of a miscarriage that creeps out and runs out, hiding on the foundations of the house, becoming a cursed being, because it is the materialization of human evil ”.

Fratura has just released his first full album, with the title of the same name to the author, Corposeco, which by the way is the name of one of the characters in Brazilian folklore, whose fate after death was to be rejected by heaven and hell. No name could be better. The disc has some songs presented in the demo “Necroambulist” and new compositions.

Listen “Corposeco”:

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