Blackened progressive metal group VINTERSEA reveals “The Holy Procession” music video

To celebrate Friday’s reissue of their 2017 debut full-length, “The Gravity of Fall,” Pacific Northwestern phenoms VINTERSEA – whose unique fusion of majestic progressive metal, harsh blackened death and post-metal beauty has received extensive critical acclaim – have unveiled an appropriately ambitious new music video for the album’s epic centerpiece, “The Holy Procession.” The clip – produced, edited, and directed by bassist Karl Whinnery – premiered yesterday on and can now be viewed at
“‘The Holy Procession‘ is the first song we wrote as a band,” says vocalist Avienne. “We wanted to produce a video that captured the magic in the room when we wrote that song. All the stops were pulled to make this video in terms of dramatism and performance from both the band and actors in the video. We are happy to show how much we have matured in both our performances and video production quality. ‘The Holy Procession’ has been a band- and fan-favorite, and we are proud to release a music video for it as an accompaniment to the reissue.”
The music video for “The Holy Procession” is a sprawling concept video that matches the artistic ambition of VINTERSEA, complementing the 10-minute sonic journey through musical twists and turns, all of them showcasing the group’s thrilling combination of hooks and heaviness. Portions were shot on location at the Historic Cumberland Church in Albany, Oregon. The music video is part of an ongoing community effort to restore the building, originally constructed in 1892.
I came into the band after the first album was released and ‘The Holy Procession’ was my favorite track,” says bassist Karl Whinnery. “This video was tricky. Our initial filming dates were canceled due to the biblical fires that hit Oregon and choked our skies. Some of the outdoor shots were before the air quality went off the rails and everything had a red overtone. We decided to incorporate that into the video as an undercurrent theme. On a more positive note, we were lucky enough to film at a beautiful turn-of-the-century church in Albany, Oregon. A group is working hard to move it to a new location and make it a community, event and music center. You can see their progress and help their mission at!
M-Theory Audio will shine a brighter light on the “The Gravity of Fall” with a limited-edition double-LP release that will spread VINTERSEA‘s initial full-length blast of sonic power – as well as their debut five-track 2014 EP, “Constellations” – across four sides of blackened wax. A CD reissue featuring expanded artwork and the “Constellations” material as downloadable bonus tracks will also be offered. Both formats will be released this Friday (Oct. 16) and are available now for pre-order at

Originally self-released in 2017, “The Gravity of Fall” was hailed by No Clean Singing as “dynamic and genre-bending,” while Invisible Oranges praised the band for mixing a “Scandinavian flavor with a distinctly Pacific sound reminiscent of Agalloch and other more progressive moods.” The album – which has never before been offered on vinyl – was recorded by Justin Phelps (The Mars Volta, Joe Satriani) and mixed by Evan Sammons (Last Chance To Reason).
Fronted by Malaysian-born singer Avienne, whose vocal range spans from haunting melodies to fierce growls, VINTERSEA delivers heavy, emotionally powerful and technically intriguing music that is undeniably inspired by the majesty of the Pacific Northwest. The band’s compelling combination of progressive metal, black metal and post-metal has been showcased live alongside groups such as Ne Obliviscaris, Jinjer, The Ocean, Sirenia and Arkona. VINTERSEA‘s latest record, 2019’s “Illuminated,” was praised by Dead Rhetoric as “a wondrous, challenging record that will reward listeners who are seeking something more.”
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