BEAST WITHIN THE SOUND set release date for new SLOVAK METAL ARMY album

Slovak Metal Army announces November 20th as the international release date for Beast Within the Sound‘s highly anticipated third album, Resistance.

Beast Within the Sound (often abbreviated as BWTS) are a Czech thrash metal band from Prague formed in 2009 by guitarist Julian Lamas. The band has gone through many lineup changes, with Julian Lamas being the only constant member. The current lineup also consists of guitaris tJan Peš, drummer Jirka Zajíc, lead vocalist Filip Škobis, and bassist Jakub Prokop. The band’s musical style evolved originally from metalcore-tinged thrash metal (Eternal Conflict, …and Vice Versa) to a heavier amalgam of present HC and a modern take on ’90s thrash metal (Propulsion of WarResistance), mainly influenced by bands like Exodus, Slayer, Testament, etc. BWTS have been signed to Slovak Metal Army since early 2020.

Full Beast Within the Sound biography follows further below. Cover and tracklisting for Resistance are as follows:

Tracklisting for Beast Within the Sound’s Resistance
1. Immortal
2. The Crown
3. Roots Of Damntation
4. Enemy Lines
5. Pulse Of Freedom
6. For Life And Death
7. Rise Of The Sheeps
8. Resistance


2009 – 2014: Formation and Eternal Conflict

BWTS’s first year of existence saw the original band members recruited and first heavy tunes written by the founder and lead guitarist Julian Lamas. In 2010, the band even managed to play a few local shows amidst the sort of lineup fluctuations that have continued ever since. Later on that year, after several more lineup changes, the band members decided to part theirways.

After a one-year hiatus, drummer Martin Krížek (ex-Into Dust) and guitarist Julian Lamas reunited and started to rehearse again. A few weeks later, they held an audition for a new bassist and recruited Marcel Kraft (ex-Into Dust and Rise of Surya). Original lead singer Nikolay Penev also re-joined the project in early 2012, and the band finally settled on the four members for almost two years.

In the months following their formation, BWTS built a decent fanbase in Prague and entered the studio (Seabeast Production) to record their first album. The debut self-financed LP called Eternal Conflict was released in March 2013 and received positive reviews. In support of their first record, the band immediately hit the road to play numerous shows across the Czech Republic, including their warm-up act at Brutal Assault for the festival headliners such as Testament, Anthrax, In Flames, etc. Shortly after summer 2013, lead vocalist Nikolay Penev departed the band and was replaced by Tomaš Červinka(ex-Diphteria). In May 2014, the new quartet embarked on a 17-date European tour across 11 countries with their mates Diphteria.

Sadly, the cooperation with Tomaš Červinka didn’t last long, and after he was dismissed from the band in June 2014, the current lead singer Filip Škobis (ex-Into Dust and Rise of Surya) took his place. With the new blood brought to the project, they also supported the Prague show for Machine Head in August 2014. BWTS then began writing and recording new material for their second full-length album.

2014 – 2018: Lineup changes, …and Vice Versa

In January 2015, the first single “Winter Gates”from the upcoming LP called…and Vice Versa was released, and the band started looking for an option to expand their sound. They found it in additional guitar and the guitarist Jan Peš, who joined the project in March 2015. Later on that year, the quintet struggled during the writing and creative process and, as a result, parted ways with the long-term drummer Martin Krížek.

All work on the brand-new LP had been stopped until late 2015 when the band’s current drummer, Jirka Zajíc (Heaving Earth, Ingrowing, Ahumado Granujo, etc.) was recruited. Back in full force, the band entered the studio (Davos Records) in January 2016 and successfully recorded all the new material. Post-production was then moved to Seabeast studios again, and the band’s bassist and backing vocalist Marcel Kraft was charged with overall lyrics composure and visual presentation of the new record. The finalising process had been slowed down again from October 2016 due to Marcel’s moving to the UK.  The same month, he also passed the torch to Jakub Prokop, who is the band’s bassist ever since, and continued working on the new album remotely.

The second self-financed LP …and Vice Versa, which also featured guest vocalists Antonín Smrčka (Seabeast Production, Rise of Surya) and Daniel Pranjić, was officially released in June 2018 and received reviews from mixed to very positive. At the same time, Marcel Kraft had left the band indefinitely in order to pursue his music and professional career abroad.

2017 – present: Propulsion of WarResistance and Slovak Metal Army

Partway through the post-production process of…and Vice Versa in 2017, the newly formed quintet didn’t hesitate and began composing new songs for their third studio album. In June 2018 (shortly after the release date of the previous LP), the band’s first EP called Propulsion of War was mixed and mastered at Davos studios, released by L’Infantile Colective, and praised by reviewers. The premiere was also accompanied by their first music video for the song “We are Humans.”

The five-headed beast then travelled around the Czech Republic on multiple mini-tours in support of their new EP and, in August 2018, had an opportunity to present their aggressive musicianship, fast tempos, and instruments once again at the Brutal Assault festival. The new record also marked the end of an era for the melodic modern metal previously presented on the last two LPs and introduced the aforementioned amalgam of present HC and modern take on ’90s thrash to the audience for the first time.

Inspired by the success of the Propulsion of War EP and the style change seen on the record, BWTS immediately laid the foundation for another full-length album and were back at Davos studios in summer 2019. They had finished recording of the new material in just a few days and officially announced the name of the brand-new album – Resistance.

As per the band‘s official statement, the upcoming LP Resistance will follow the footsteps of its predecessor Propulsion of War and, on eight tracks clocking in at around 40 minutes, brings back the combination of modern hardcore and ’90s thrash, enriched this time by a better, heavier sound and improved musical arrangements. The new record was mixed and mastered by Martin “Holly” Hollandr (Arakain) and the cover art designed by the talented graphic designer & photographer Daniela “Dahlien” Neumannová (Diligence, The Corona Lantern), who previously worked on the cover art for the LP …and Vice Versa.

In March 2020, prior to the official album premiere, the band released a new music video for the promo song “Resistance.” The video had been shot in the Prague bar Prostor Země by experienced video editor Ondra “Pode” Podešva (CamShot videos). BWTS also signed with Slovak Metal Army at the end of March 2020, and the Resistance LP is being prepared for release by this adaptable Slovakian label later this year.


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