DÉCEMBRE NOIR release second new single off forthcoming album THE RENAISSANCE OF HOPE!

STREETS OF TRANSIENCE  is the second single off the band’s forthcoming album THE RENAISSANCE OF HOPE  set to be released on November 13th.

The single is now available on all digital platforms and can be found here:

Hope is one of those things. That which is hope for one person can cause deep suffering for others. Hope always has a personal and very individual component. Just think of the very sensitive subject of active euthanasia. What a strong desire and what unconditionality must underlie the hope of finally being allowed to die. And what suffering must be experienced by the person who fulfils this wish out of love. This martyrdom of devotion, which cannot be imagined, is taken up in the artwork of “The Renaissance Of Hope”. But once again: Hope can be so diverse, even if this term encases an unimaginable portrait of humanity itself.
Since 2008, DÉCEMBRE NOIR have introduced and developed their melancholic-melodic mix of Death and Doom metal. Following the LIFEFORCE RECORDS debut “Autumn Kings” from 2018, “The Renaissance Of Hope” marks the fourth album of this band from Thuringia. The quintet from Erfurt proves a grown feeling for the musical realisation of darkly coloured emotions and respective moods. As with the term hope itself, it is the same with the new songs of the group. Sometimes they are received with encouragement and confidence. Then again you feel a deep sadness, which grounds the listeners abruptly. “The Renaissance Of Hope” has been recorded at Alexander Dietz‘ (Heaven Shall Burn, Gruppe Planet) Chemical Burn Studio, who has been working with DÉCEMBRE NOIR since 2014.


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