Groove Metal band SIX DEGREES unveil new single “Restart/Erase”

Italian Groove Metal band SIX DEGREES unveil first single taken from debut album No One Is Innocent“, coming out next month,November 27, via Rockshots Records.

“Restart/Erase” is the opening track of the album, now available as Digital Single and Visualizer on Rockshots Records Official Youtube Channell:


band comment:
«Restart/Erase is one of the latest songs we wrote. It has got all the characteristics of our way to write music. Maybe that’s why we chose it as the opening song of this album. It talks about how sometimes, to put an end to all those things that cause you pain and make you feel bad, you need to erase everything and start living again. Insisting without understanding is useless. Maturity leads you to live things with much more wisdom and this attitude saves you time and above all makes your life easier.»

“​No One Is Innocent”​ is an album that brings together all the creative aspects of the band. It’s an aggressive, simple, direct groove-death metal, but filled with melody. All of this gives the compositions a dual-purpose appeal, with a mix of violence and impact but also catchy melodies, thanks to Luca’s scratchy growls and Valentina’s sweet and effective vocals.

The introspective lyrics also play a fundamental part. Certainly this is not a concept album, but an intense collection of emotions: anger, love, frustration, death, faith, disappointment, indifference, social criticism, inner discomfort, lack of communication, trust, courage, imperfection: all elements and/or sensations inspired by the emotional events that we live and that belong to the experience that each of us carries on our shoulders.

The album includes a cover version of “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News, taken from the legendary trilogy “Back to the Future” OST.

No One Is Innocent is available for preorder at the record label’s official store: 



“Six Degrees” project was born from an idea of Luca Correnti (guitar and vocals) and Valentina Aleo (vocals). The name of the band is clearly inspired by the sociological theory (developed for the first time in 1929 by the Hungarian writer Karinthy) about the so-called “six degrees of separation”.
Luca was born in Sicily but now he lives in Umbria. He was part of the line-up of the cult band “Sinoath” in the album “Research” (guitar), then he has been the lead vocalist in death-thrashers “Mystura” and in the prog-death-metallers” EpisThemE “(“Descending Patterns” their debut album, 2014).
After moving to Umbria (2016), Luca joins the historic death metal band from Terni “S.R.L.”. The group is currently working on the songs that will be part of their new album.
Valentina was born in Spoleto (Perugia). She took her first steps as a lead singer in the alternative metal band “Burn it down”. They recorded the EP “In flames” and performed in live concerts including the Tour Music Fest, Emergenza Festival and the Music Village, in which Valentina had the honor of sharing the stage with Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil).
Luca meets Vale thanks to a musical announcement and a few weeks later they decide to start this artistic partnership. They work hard, helped in studio by the sound engineer Elvys Damiano, until all the songs of the album “No one is Innocent” are ready. Then they choose to call this project “Six Degrees”.

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