BRÒN signs with Nordvis and announces new album

We’re happy to announce our latest artist collaboration and welcome BRÒN into the Nordvis family. 

Bròn is a project formed in Scotland in 2014 as a sonic chronicle of the wanderings of New Zealander KG (Barshasketh). Bròn’s first three releases featured vast atmospheric black metal, punctuated by extended ambient sections. Lyrically and musically, these works were inspired by the untrodden wilds of Scotland, New Zealand and Serbia. 

Following this, KG relocated to Belgrade, Serbia and released a handful of ambient, down-tempo albums exploring life within a sprawling urban expanse.Now with the addition of drummer GH (A Forest Of Stars), Bròn has permanently left urbanity behind and has returned to the mysterious and untamed nature of Serbia’s wilderness, and the 90s inspired atmospheric black metal of the project’s early days with the new full length album Pred dverima noći. 

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Nordvis Produktion, starting with the release of the next full-length, Pred dverima noći. This new album will mark a return to the atomspheric Black Metal sound of our early years. Thematically, Pred dverima noći is centered around the wilderness and folklore of eastern Serbia. This is a mountainous, untamed, sparsely populated region, which is home to a wealth of legends and superstitions. The area as a whole is permeated by a dark and foreboding atmosphere which we’ve tried our best to infuse the album with. Nordvis is the perfect partner with which to realize this vision and we look forward to a continuing collaboration alongside them going forward.” – KG 

Pred dverima noći” is scheduled for release on December 11th on CD & Vinyl.

Through the cosmic mists it descends upon us, the new full-length album of atmospheric black metal/ambient act BRÒN: “Pred dverima noći” is here. Finding inspiration from the wilderness encountered on founder KG’s voyage from his native New Zealand through Scotland and now Serbia, BRÒN’s fifth LP is adorned with enthralling, majestic soundscapes and endless streams of melodies and harmonies, propelling the listener into the vast expanses beyond the conscious mind.
With three sprawling tracks all clocking in at over 15 minutes, “Pred dverima noći” spreads its mysterious, 90’s-harkening blend of ethereal synths, harsh vocals, ferocious blast beats and thick atmosphere across the planes of time. If your musical preferences include the likes of LIMBONIC ART, EVILFEAST or DARKSPACE, look no further than BRÒN to bring you home.
1. Dverima noi
2. Usnulu zlobu razbudi
3. Zastore skrai
Arwork by: Khaos Diktator Design
Release date: December 11th

More information on formats and pre-order:


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