THE MAGIK WAY premiere “Il Tempo Verticale” official video

The wait for the first song from THE MAGIK WAY new album “Il Rinato” is over. Here is “Il Tempo Verticale” official video, a song with which THE MAGIK WAY introduces us, through an esoteric door, to an obscure walk between Ritual Music, Alchemy, Hermeticism and Esoterism. Enjoy it at:

THE MAGIK WAY is a band like no other and “Il Rinato” is an authentic and arcane trip thanks to its obsessive atmosphere, a mystic, esoteric ritualistic Occult Music inflenced by ULVER, AGALLOCH, DEVIL DOLL, BADALAMENTI, TOM WAITS.

“Il Rinato” will see the light on December 11th, 2020 on CD, Deluxe Box Edition and digital format and you can PRE-ORDER here:

Cover and tracklist: 1. Il Rinato – 2. Il Tempo Verticale – 3. Cometa Sole – 4. Deforme – 5. In Igne Vivit Salamandra – 6. Le Vampe – 7. Il Sacro Dolore – 8. Euforia Del Sangue – 9. La Giaculatoria Del Doppio – 10. La Processione


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