PERENNIAL ISOLATION sign to Non Serviam Records! New album to be released early 2021

Dutch extreme metal label Non Serviam Records is proud to welcome atmospheric black metallers PERENNIAL ISOLATION to its family.
We are glad to join the Non Serviam Records family! Since the first moment we felt at home, as they understood our philosophy and our vision of atmospheric black metal. It’s a privilege to be here, being part of their incredible roster. We are ready to unleash our new record with them. We are sure that the new album will be very well received thanks to their experience and professionalism”, state PERENNIAL ISOLATION.
Ricardo GelokNon Serviam Records’ mastermind, adds: “So now and then we receive promo’s that grabs the attention from the first tunes. This was also the case when we listened to the promo of Perennial Isolation. We really loved the atmosphere that was in the music. It’s a real pleasure to work that is professional as Perennial Isolation and have a friendly approach when we are in contact”.
PERENNIAL ISOLATION were born in Barcelona in 2012 and some months later released their first EP “Uncertainty” which quickly caught the attention of the underground music scene. In the following years they released two full-length albums – “Conviction of Voidness” and “Astral Dream” – supported by several shows throughout the Iberian Peninsula and in Europe. In 2016 PERENNIAL ISOLATION – featuring two new guitar players – unleashed one of their most critically acclaimed records, “Epiphanies of the Orphaned Light”. After several European tours and festivals with well-known bands like Harakiri For The Sky, Enisum, Nocturnal Depression, Glorior Belli and Kampfar, the four-piece started to work on their new record which is due early next year.
More info will follow soon.
V. – drums
A. – vocals and bass
M. – guitars
I. – guitars
Uncertainty (EP) – 2013       
Conviction Of Voidness – 2014        
Astral Dream – 2015
Epiphanies Of The Orphaned Light – 2016

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