PILLORY release new single ‘Imminent Obliteration’ and announce album details

One-man project by Darren Cesca (Deeds Of Flesh, Arsis, Burn in Silence, Gorator)

New album Scourge on Humanity out 18th December via Unique Leader Records

Boston death metal one-man project PILLORY returns with new single ‘Imminent Obliteration’ and announces long-awaited third album Scourge on Humanity, set for release on December 18th via Unique Leader Records.

Watch the video to ‘Imminent Obliteration’ here: https://youtu.be/nOXOUYO0DFo

PILLORY mastermind Darren Cesca (Deeds of Flesh, Arsis, Burn in Silence, Goratory) comments on the single’s concemt: “‘Imminent Obliteration’ is part one of the final piece of the album’s 12 minute closer. It’s an aggressive entry to get things started. It details the final days, the last remnants of our life cycle. It represents the storms of fire, which we unleash upon ourselves. The lyrics characterize nuclear war, planned for profit and the fallout that results from that. It seemingly takes us by surprise yet at the same time we always saw it coming.”

On the music, Darren continues: “Musically this track touches on several elements from throughout the record. Each instrument goes through a wide range of timing and tempo changes to help tell that story. This record was written and composed in a very organic way and I wanted to first release a track that shows that progression and journey. It sets the mood for the end of the album and the 3three preceding pieces that follow.  Each PILLORY album for me is an experimental, extreme, grindy, death metal experience. Enjoy the ride.”

New album Scourge on Humanity fuses technical wizardry and relentless power in this multi-sensory auditory onslaught. A physically and mentally demanding listen, the album features eleven tracks of sweeping leads and deranged rhythms which combine deep chugs and brutal blastbeats, all executed with near surgical meticulousness to make one of the most intense death metal releases of the year.

Following on from the highly acclaimed sophomore album Evolutionary Miscarriage in 2014, PILLORY has further refined his ability to crush and confuse on this release.

Pre-order Scourge on Humanity here: 

Digital: https://uniqueleaderrecords.bandcamp.com/
Europe: https://www.impericon.com/en/unique-leader-records.html
North America: https://www.indiemerch.com/uniqueleader

For more PILLORY info:

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