LUNA IN SANGUINEM, featuring the voice of Num Skull – Skip McGullam – unleash a Global Bloodbath of crushing death/thrash metal!

Riding in beneath a crimson moon, on the crest of a wave of blood come Luna In Sanguinem, bringing with them five tales of horror, five nightmares made flesh. These stories from the bone yard are set to a soundtrack of rotten death metal and skull-crushing thrash, blended into a boiling elixir of delicious terror – a sound from the origins of extremity, dragged from its restless grave…

Luna In Sanguinem are a new name on the extreme metal scene, but their foundations are set deep and built from decades of experience. The unmistakeable voice of Skip McGullam rides at the head of this cavalcade of death, sounding even more powerful and intimidating than he did on Num Skull’s revered ’88 classic, Ritually Abused. Each song on Global Bloodbath is a finely crafted masterpiece of haunting atmosphere and earthshaking riffs, laced with solos that scythe through the choking blackness. Staggering songs like ‘Killed By The Dead Hand’ and ‘Far From The Light’ invoke the spirits of the crypt, the glory days when metal first pushed deeper into the cemetery dirt and further into the darkness. Global Bloodbath is a worm riddled feast for the undead disciples of primal death and thrash.

This EP was originally only available as a digital download and a promotional tool for distribution at Luna In Sanguinem’s live shows…but the clamour became deafening; these songs deserved more! So as the nights draw in and this year of sickness and fear staggers to its end, Global Bloodbath is finally, fully unleashed, in glorious digi-pack CD format – and in the graves and mausoleums of the world the voices of the dead will sing!

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