SAINTE MARIE DES LOUPS set release date for new AMOR FATI album, reveal first track

Amor Fati Productions, in conspiracy with Mare Cognitium’s Extraconscious Records, sets November 25th as the international release date for Sainte Marie des Loups‘ highly anticipated second album, Funéraillesde Feu, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The vinyl version is to be co-released with Extraconscious in the US, while the CD version will be handled exclusively by Amor Fati.

Sainte Marie des Loups may make mystery and near-anonymity a virtue, but its expression is nothing if not direct, forceful, and feverishly artful. Indeed, raw and grim and even punkish at times may be the band’s attack, but there’s equally a sense of aristocratic grandeur, a questing for absolution, a regal melodicism smothered in ashes of unknown origins. This juxtaposition is perhaps unsurprising given that Sainte Marie des Loups hail from France, a land with myriad generations of black metal, each one as imposing as the last. But while one might expect the band to drink deeply from the ever-bottomless well of the paradigmatic Black Legions, Sainte Marie des Loups actually nod toward the oft-overlooked Concilium collective from the late ’90s and, more recently, can find contemporaries in the medieval-minded likes of Sühnopfer, Autarcie, Darkenhöld, and Véhémence – but, of course, with a blitzed identity all its own.

Indeed, with the second album Funérailles de Feu does Sainte Marie des Loups truly come into its own. The band’s self-titled debut album, released in 2018 by the late/great Fallen Empire, was a blitzed ‘n’ bleary smear of wayward melody and ethereal filth; on its follow-up, those rudiments are extended and embellished, rendered in more robust form. The uptick in production here – muscular, rounded, but still rippling with rawness – gives greater urgency to this even-stronger clutch of songs. The punkishness of yore is understated, more a textural conceit rather than a performance effect/affect; the melodicism, in kind, is brought front and center, frighteningly articulate in its stridency. Above all, mainman Fossoyeur sounds incensed, bristling, as the band is now expanded to a trio. As such, the totality is increased tenfold, resulting in a clarity of focus, fiery in its vision and idiosyncratic in its execution. One need only gaze upon the album’s starkly beautiful cover art to get a glimpse into Sainte Marie des Loups‘ increasingly unique headspace…draw thy sword and prepare for a grand reckoning!

Begin preparing with the brand-new track “Interdit et oublié” HERE at Amor Fati ‘s official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Sainte Marie des Loupes’ Funérailles de Feu

1. Anciens serpents [4:20]
2. Meurtrieres [5:00]
3. Funerailles de Feu [6:21]
4. Dans les yeux de Meduse [4:13]
5. Interdit et oublié [4:51]
6. Des profondeurs le silence [7:21]
7. Visions [6:23]


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