SDI – “Sign Of The Wicked” videos for all remastered songs!

The 1987 cult album “Sign Of The Wicked” by SDI is now available as a remastered re-release everywhere. But the new sound is only available on physical media, as the remastered versions will not be available on download and streaming platforms.However, the band has produced a video with the remastered sound for EVERY track on the original album and will be making it available on the MDD YouTube channel in a premiere marathon on Friday 30th October! In a special playlist at the release marathon will start on Friday evening (european time)!

// Friday 30. Oktober – SDI “Sign Of The Wicked” Remastered //

20:00 1. Comin’ Again
20:15 2. Sign of the Wicked
20:30 3. Megamosh
already available: 4. Alcohol
20:45 5. Quick Shot
21:00 6. Always Youth
21:15 7. Long Way from Home
21:30 8. Killer’s Confession
21:45 9. Fight

// Sign Of The Wicked – remastered Videos //

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