COMMUNIC new single video out now

Communic released their stunning new video single „Hiding From The World” what takes you on a journey!

The title track from the new Communic masterpiece. “Hiding From The World” is a fest for every Prog Metal lover. The perfectly fused opposites of filigree melodies and brute riffs, calm passages and a driving yet catchy chorus show the ability of the band at the highest level.

Hiding from The World” was the first track we arranged and completed for the new album, and the song set the stone for much of the atmosphere and the mood on the album. It is a long song, moody, yet heavy with the dynamic build-up, tempo-changes and breakdowns we like to do. A story about a man on the edge of self-destruction, reaching out for help, but he seems like invicible to his surroundings, will anybody even notice if he disappear forever…. Hope you like it, it starts out slow, but goes heavy and deep and will take you on a journey, Cheers / Oddleif

Mark the release of this glorious band and their incredible album what will hit the streets on the 20th of November!

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