ETERNAL MAJESTY unveils its first track!

After almost 15 years of absence, ETERNAL MAJESTY breaks the silence with “Aux Portes du Temple Noir”, a first track which will immerse you in the darkest and most depressive album from the band.

“Black Metal Excommunication” will be release at the end of november in CD Digipack on Those Opposed Records and in cassette tape on Mallevs Records.

The album will be digitally released before via the Bandcamp of the band

Tracklisting :

  1. L’appel de Neptune / Éternelle Majesté
  2. Excommunication
  3. Les Damnés
  4. L’aube sanglante
  5. Aux Portes du Temple Noir
  6. L’appel de Netptune (Part. II)

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