Finland’s ANTIPOPE unveils a new music video for “Red Goddess” from their 2020 release, “Apostle of Infinite Joy”!

Further backing up their groundbreaking 2020 album “Apostle of Infinite Joy”, ANTIPOPE announces their new video, following the already popular video and single for “Serpent of Old“. This new music video stands as the visual representation of a very sultry, provocative track from ANTIPOPE’s 5th full-length recording of dark heavy metal. “Red Goddess” is about the sinful embrace of a demon enchantress through a tale of lust, blood and chaos. The video presents a burning and poetic expression of profound respect for the Goddess Kali. With the video “Red Goddess”, ANTIPOPE extol her capacity for creation and destruction in the best way possible– with blood, magic and Heavy Metal! “Red Goddess” bolsters the visual prowess of a band that everyone who loves true Heavy Metal NEEDS to check out!

Follow the links below to watch the NEW ANTIPOPE Music Video, “Red Goddess“!

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