SVARTSYN’s ‘Requiem’ Out Now and Streaming

Carnal Records has released Requiem, the new album from Swedish Black Metal Force SVARTSYN. Stream and purchase at the links below!

Requiem (Stream/Purchase)

Requiem (YouTube Stream)

“Kicking lifeless bodies while they’re down for a quarter of a century, Svartsyn once again has unleashed a top-notch quality album maintaining every ounce of integrity and spitting in the face of trends and ‘progression.'” (8.5/10)
– ViaOmega Magazine

 “Requiem works wonders, never faltering in its pacing, bringing an uncured and flat-out pissed sound that reminds you of what black metal used to be.”
– Metal Temple

“This is modern black metal that vehemently makes its point.”
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Reminiscent and enthusiastic, the gentlemen just play on and sew together one black piece of cloth after the other with a rusty needle, in order to create a musty, moth-attacked blanket that covers all the filth of the earth.”
– ZwareMetalen

“An excellent traditional black metal album. The listener is bludgeoned as expected, but also taken on the extreme journey that the best of the genre provides.”
– The Razors Edge

“A welcome dose of dirty, old-school thugging. Definitely a Black Metal album that harks back to the second-wave sounds of bands like Satyricon or Gorgoroth when they were still highly influenced by the first-wave sounds of Venom or Celtic Frost.” (4.25/5)
– The Metal Crypt

“Requiem is successful on a number of levels from the impressive song length to riffs delicately carved upon the skin with the drums pummeling a new pulse into you.” (4.5/5)
– Deaf Sparrow

“A sense of evil permeates Requiem. The tighter, riffier bits hammer home the band’s ability to deliver beyond just atmospherics. This shit is creepy.”
– Invisible Oranges

“The riffing is tight and powerful, the dissonant leads offer some nice moments, Ornias’ screams lie somewhere between WATAIN and ABBATH with a toad in his throat and guest musician Hammermann on ​​the drums can use his instrument audibly and noticeably well.”

“The legacy of this project is indomitable yet approachable, now spanning ten albums.”
– Grizzly Butts

 “Another great sounding album from Svartsyn and if you are a fan of satanic black metal, you should check out this recording.”
– Occult Black Metal Zine

Misanthropic darkness and primal rage continue to anchor the SVARTSYN sound on Requiem. On offer are six tracks of quintessential Swedish Black Metal designed to pull the listener headfirst into the abyss. Requiem was recorded at Mortsella Studio. Mixing and mastering done at Clintwork studio. Artwork by Chadwick St John.

Sole composer and master of darkness Ornias describes the new album as follows: “The album is a written as a Requiem. It is a spiritual journey through the destruction of the western civilization and the rise of Antichrist and his eternal kingdom. It is dark and it is nightmarish.”

No quarter and no compromise, Requiem is the real deal! You’ve been warned.

Track Listing:

1 – The Pale Horse
2 – Inner Demonic Rise
3 – Mystery Babylon
4 – The Desolate
5 – Spiritual Subjection
6 – Little Horn


Ornias – Vocals/Guitars/Bass
Hammerman – Drums

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