AUTUMN TREE – German’s Post-Grunge Heavy Rockers Release Single/Video Sedducion

German Post-Grunge Heavy Rockers Autumn Tree are releasing their new single with music video for the song Sedducion today.

We all know it: the voice in our heads, trying to convince us to do something bad. For some it might be staying in the comfort zone, for others it’s about something bigger. The voice wants people to steal, cheat or murder. That’s what Sedducion is all about! It’s about this little voice, that wants to seduce us, flatter us with nice words and compliments although we know its intentions are wrong. The devil won’t appear to you as a horned creature trying to scare you. He will give you hope and love, until you realize it is too late.

Kai Lutz – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Denis Bopp – Lead Guitar, BG Vocals
Norbert Galan – Bass
Aaron Kirsch – Drums

Autumn Tree is a post grunge band from Mannheim, Germany, founded in late summer 2016. In August 2018, they released their first EP ‘All You Need Is My Voodoo!’, which was produced by German producer Tobias Katzenberger at Maison Derrère-Studios in Mannheim. After some changes they went the usual way of a newcomer band, playing small club shows and newcomer-contests. They made it to the semi finals of the biggest Battle of the bands of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, SPH Musicmasters, and got a lot of attention. Autumn Tree then played a number of support shows for well known German bands such as Motorjesus or Cryptex. In September 2019, Autumn Tree released a single ‘I Know’. Their debut album ‘Autumn Tree’ followed a month after. Their debut album was highly acclaimed by German magazines and received a lot of airplay on radio. Since early 2020, the band collaborate with Bug Valley Records, a small label from their hometown Mannheim. The planned tour in march 2020 could not happen due to COVID-19.


01. Deadman’s Hand
02  I Know
03. The Distance
04. Supernatural
05. Still Waiting
06. Lynda Q
07. Promised Land
08. Barman
09. Kings of Rumble
10. Mississippi Rain
11. We are the Fire

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