AWRIZIS set release date for new SLOVAK METAL ARMY album, reveal new video and first track

Slovak Metal Army sets Decembers 1st as the international release date for Awrizis‘ highly anticipated fourth album, Gears of Fear.

Awrizis is a Czech hybrid-metal band from Havirov founded by multi-instrumentalist Marek Frodys Pytlik in 2011. Their music is a combination of melodic death, black, thrash, and groove metal.

Awrizis‘ first EP, Shapes of Imagination, brought attention of a Italian label and was released via Defox Records. This EP was supported by live gigs in Czech Republic, which highly influenced the first album, Final Hybridation, which was released by the biggest Czech extreme magazine Parat and was well accepted abroad, as well. Said England’s Global Metal Apocalypse, “Such a melancholic product of spine-chilling darkness, funky groove metal and unrelenting death / thrash metal. The Czech band Awrizis calculated their sound with such precision that their album Final Hybridation brutalizes anything in its path, with excerpts like ‘It’s Johnny’ from the film The Shining and a modern metal undertone coursing throughout this album with such force, you cannot deny this album a listen. What I like about this album is that it packs a punch and the compositions deviate haphazardly well.”

Success of Awrizis‘ first full-length led to cooperation with Czech label Metalgate. The split album Damnation (2016) and the second full-length, Dreadful Reflection, were released under the wings of Metalgate and supported by several tours and music videos directed by Frodys himself. Dreadful Reflection also includes special guests of Czech metal legends like Chymus (Isacaarum), Bilos (Malignant Tumor), and Bruno (Krabathor, Hypnos).

All previous experiences were used in producing the Awrizis third album, Gears of Fear, which was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

In the meantime, see & hear the brand-new video “Dehumanized” HERE at Frodys’ official YouTube channel. Also hear the brand-new track “The Plague Plague” HERE, also at Frodys’ official YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Awrizis’ Gears of Fear
1. Where The True Nature of Human Dwells in Shadows
2. The Great Plague
3. North of My Heart
4. Broken Clocks
5. Veins vs. Wires
6. The Racing Heart
7. Quarantined (My Home, My Grave)
8. Dehumanized
9. Signs in the Sky


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