EXARSIS – release video clip of “Mouthtied” from upcoming album!

On November 27th the new album “Sentenced To Life” of the Greek Thrash Metal institution Exarsis will be released. As a foretaste of the probably most melodic album of their band history so far, the track “Mouthtied” is now available on YouTube, which proves that the typical trademarks of the band are not missed out on their fifth longplayer. So despite all the melody, the accelerator is still being pressed and the vocals of singer Nick cut through your heart and soul! The 11 Thrash Metal grenades were produced by Mike Karpathiou in the D-Studio just like the two previous releases. The artwork was done by Dan Goldsworthy (Accept, Xentrix, Gloryhammer). The final tracklist of the album is enclosed.

// tracklist //

  1. Cen$ored
  2. Another Betrayal
  3. The Truth is No Defence
  4. Aiming the Eye
  5. Mouthtied
  6. The Drug…
  7. Against My Fears
  8. One Last Word
  9. Interplanetary Extermination
  10. New War Order

// order //

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EXARSIS – “Sentenced To Life” will be released on November, 27th!


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