VÖRST released debut EP

American Black Metal band Vörst released their debut EP «From the Roots of a Frostbitten Land». The release was recorded at “Motorbreath Studios”, and mixed/mastered by Tristan Spears.

Vörst was formed in 2019 at Austin, Texas as a one-man project by HëllFröst (Vocals, Guitars, Drums). No one knows exactly who HëllFröst is but during an interview he gave in 2019 he described his biography “As a child I was abandoned in the mountains in the Northwest of the US.  During the BLASHRYK, under a FUNERAL MOON I was found by a family of Deathtrolls. Instead of eating me, they raised me as one of them and taught me their ways of living, fighting, and their SOUND OF MUSIC”. 

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