DOMJORD sets release date for new VIDFARE album – project of FUNERAL MIST mainman

On November 13th, Vidfare Productions (a division of NoEvDia) will release Gravrost – the second album of DomJord. D Rostén delves further into the minimalistic yet immersive electronic sounds explored on the project’s debut.

“This time, I took the easy route by drawing most of my inspiration from a place far closer to home, resulting in a musical journey oozing with apocalyptic gloom and existential despair,” he explains. “Gravrost is an odyssey in seven chapters, guiding the listener through ominous landscapes of rust-laden ruins, barren ground, and the thick black fog of burning oil. In other words, the perfect soundtrack to the death of a civilisation – perhaps from a forgotten past, perhaps in the foreseeable future.”


Full album stream to be revealed the day of release. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for DomJord’s Gravrost
1. Övergång [7:22]
2. Andrum [4:16]
3. Dödsdans [8:22]
4. Gravrost [5:03]
5. Järn [6:32]
6. Farsot [8:39]
7. Undergång [6:25]

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