Horror Pain Gore Death to release SHLAK Kill Them All And Let SHLAK Sort Them Out: Killer Cuts Vol. 1 on December 4th

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are set to release the new collection from professional Deathmatch wrestler and lifetime scumfuc SHLAKKill Them All And Let SHLAK Sort Them Out: Killer Cuts Vol.1.

You like noise, you like violence? Death to false fucking Metal!!! Over 20 years of making extreme uncompromising Death/Grind/Punk music, 20 or so album releases, numerous bands, years of miles on the road, millions of beers, bricks of cocaine and immeasurable amounts of spilled blood. Finally, the album you have not been waiting for but never knew you needed!!!

Professional Deathmatch wrestler and lifetime scumfuc SHLAK, has compiled a CD of some of his personal favorite tracks out of his entire lifetime catalog. Greatest shits, unreleased songs and live tracks, from lost bands and the gory blood fueled disasters you’ve come to regret/love. Eat The Turnbuckle, Crack House, Call The Paramedics, and many more…. 70+ minutes of ignorant music to torture your neighbors with verbally and audibly!!!

Fans of trash, drugs and alcohol, maximum violence and all things unsavory, this compilation is definitely for you. If not… “Kill Them All And Let SHLAK Sort Them Out: Killer Cuts Vol. 1″ is probably too sensitive for your ears and may hurt your feelings, so FUCK OFF!!! A must have release for fans of Abscess, Antiseen, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Dwarves, The Exploited, GG Allin, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Impetigo, Midnight, Nekrofilth, Pungent Stench, Repulsion, Rigor Mortis and Zeke.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release the album December 4.

Listen to the track “Shred or Be Shredded” by CALL THE PARAMEDICS at

Pre-order the CD at


  1. CALL THE PARAMEDICS – Shred Or Be Shredded
  2. CALL THE PARAMEDICS – Tell Your Girlfriend’s Tits To Stop Staring At My Eyes
  3. CALL THE PARAMEDICS – Urine Her Ass
  4. CALL THE PARAMEDICS – Wrecking Crew
  5. CALL THE PARAMEDICS – Call The Paramedics
  6. CALL THE PARAMEDICS – Fire In The Hole
  7. CALL THE PARAMEDICS – You Better Bring A Helmet
  8. CALL THE PARAMEDICS – Abort The Mission
  9. CALL THE PARAMEDICS – Back Of A Milk Carton
  10. EAT THE TURNBUCKLE – Suplex City
  11. EAT THE TURNBUCKLE – Invader #1 Must Die
  12. EAT THE TURNBUCKLE – Get The Tables
  13. EAT THE TURNBUCKLE – Make You Humble
  14. EAT THE TURNBUCKLE – Card Subject To Carnage
  15. EAT THE TURNBUCKLE – The Fork Is Law
  16. EAT THE TURNBUCKLE – Ladders, Tables And Chairs
  17. BOTTOMLESS PIT – Harden The Fuck Up
  18. BOTTOMLESS PIT – Rampage
  19. BOTTOMLESS PIT – Decayed
  20. CRACK HOUSE – Smoke Crack In Hell
  21. CRACK HOUSE – The Crack Is Back
  22. CRACK HOUSE – The House That Crack Built
  23. CRACK HOUSE – This Emergency Room Is Gonna Need A Fuckin’ Emergency Room
  24. CRACK HOUSE – The Hits Just Keeping On Coming
  25. STORM OF ENTRAILS – The Storm Of Entrails Theme (bonus track)
  26. CALL THE PARAMEDICS – A Different Kind Of Head Banging (unreleased track)
  27. CRACK HOUSE – Guns Don’t Kill People, Crack House Kills People (unreleased track)
  28. CRACK HOUSE – Doper Killer (unreleased track)
  29. RELEASE THE BOWELS – Staph Infection (lost project track)
  30. CRACK HOUSE – Crack House (live)
  31. CRACK HOUSE – Straight Into The Gutter (live)
  32. CRACK HOUSE – Today Seems Like A Nice Day For An Overdose (live)

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