RELEASE THE BLACKNESS – New Video “Ancestral Inheritance”

 Progressive death metallers Release The Blackness reveal a new lyric video for “Ancestral Inheritance” from their upcoming full length album “Tragedy”, to be released on 6th December 2020 via Cult Of Parthenope label. 

Watch “Ancestral Inheritance” video here :

“Tragedy” is now available for PRE-ORDER via

Cult Of Parthenope:
Release The Blackness:

Available formats:

  • Jewel Case CD Edition w/8 pages booklet
  • Digital Download / Streaming

Progressive death metallers Release The Blackness “Tragedy” is a massive sounding record, full of fast technical riffing wrapped in layers of harmonies, ambience and orchestrations. The tracklist makes the album a journey through the experience of sorrow, using reoccurring musical themes to recreate the repeating and ever-evolving cycles addressed in the lyrics. The most noticeable influences come from bands like Gojira, Beyond Creation, Fit For an Autopsy, Rivers of Nihil, Opeth and many more, including classical music and traditional oriental music.

The main theme behind “Tragedy” is the variety of ways in which men perceive and face tragic events throughout their life. Whenever we live a dark time we are forced into a cycle of sorrow that can lock us forever or make us stronger and better human beings. Some might negate the events living by memories and illusions, others may be swallowed by apathy and become numb to feelings, but in the end these are all steps we have to go through before being able to break the cycle. The songs in the album target various possible reactions to tragic events mixed with personal experiences, thus creating an intimate and raw narration.

“Tragedy” tracklist :
1. Trenodia
2. Ancestral Inheritance
3. Where Voids Gather
4. As Cold Snow And Flesh
5. Blank Sun
6. Enlightened By Emptiness
7. E mi Sovvien L’Eterno
8. Samsara
9. The Flower On The Precipice
10. The Bloom Of Solitude

“Tragedy” was recorded by Rocco Minichiello and Aldo Colleoni at Blackness Sound Studio in Grottaminarda, Italy, while mixing and mastering were handled by Seb Di Martino at SDM Recording Studio in Gragnano, Italy. Cover Artwork by Alfredo “Mojo” Raimondi.

Release The Blackness are :
Rocco Minichiello : Vocals & Guitars
Adelchi Romano : Bass
Cristian Lomazzo : Guitars
Fabio Parisi : Drums

Out via Cult Of Parthenope on 6th December 2020.

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