MANTICORA Release New Video For “Katana – Death of the Meaning of Life”

Danish prog-thrash veterans MANTICORA have released the second music video from their critically acclaimed ninth album ‘To Live To Kill To Live’, which is the follow-up/second half to their 2018 concept record ‘To Kill To Live To Kill’. Both albums are based on the 334-page horror/thriller novel written by lead singer Lars F. Larsen.

This semi-lyrical video for “Katana – Death of the Meaning of Life” is vividly composed and produced by the talented Chilean video producer Federico Bossinga from the company Abstract Chaos. The story of the song is a very sad, bordering on despair-inducing, tale which the band is delving deep into at several occasions on the last 2 albums, making up the overall concept.

Guitarist Kristian Larsen goes deeper into the story of ‘Katana’ and the creation of the music video, sharing:

“Since this song deals with the story in which a young Dutch sailor – situated in Hong Kong, 1921, at the time when the story takes place – is falling in love with a local prostitute and looking at what he calls the love of his life, getting brutally murdered by local thugs, we wanted to express ourselves in colours that match the story. 

The light blue colours, resembling the room in which most of the story takes place, the dark red, resembling the extreme amount of blood, present in the story, when several people are killed in violent ways (by means of either gun or Katana). Federico (Bossinga) was given the lyrics, the story and all our ideas and impressions of this sad tale and he has splendidly matched the storyline with the colours and imagery.”

Fans can watch the video for “Katana – Death of the Meaning of Life” here:

The music on both albums was recorded partially in the band’s own studio and recorded/mixed in Hansen Studios, with World-famous producer, Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Destruction, a.o.) who also produced the first two MANTICORA albums back in the last millenium.
MANTICORA have released 8 critically acclaimed albums, since 1999, and toured numerous times around Europe, North America and Japan + played at prestigious festivals, such as Wacken Open Air, Sweden Rock Festival, Copenhell, Karmøygeddon, ProgPower USA and many more.
Pre-order ‘To Live To Kill To Live’ HERE:

Manticora online:

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