THROWING BRICKS – Dutch sludge/black metal unit to release “What Will Be Lost” on vinyl via Tartarus Records

Following a limited cassette release, “What Will Be Lost”, the acclaimed new album by Dutch sludge/black metallers THROWING BRICKS will see its release on vinyl on January 8th 2021 via Tartarus Records.

This new LP edition will be limited to 150 copies and will feature the previously unreleased bonus track “Irreparable Crack”.

Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, this five piece started out as a vicious hardcore unit, but in recent years has grown to be a lot more than that. Mixing their punk beginnings with slow and crushing sludge riffs and dashes of black metal and screamo, the project has evolved into the heavy yet energetic juggernaut it is today.

’ music might sound angry and aggressive, but first and foremost it’s emotionally punishing. The feverish lyrics, brutal growls and intensely high screeches, low yet melodic guitar work, grimy bass and pounding drums, they all share a feeling of hopelessness. No matter how hard you fight against it, resistance is futile. Whether you like dark, brooding drones, slow and dragging riffs or insanely fast blast beats, this band has got it all.

After self-releasing some music online, “What Will Be Lost” is THROWING BRICKS’ debut on Tartarus Records. Recorded by Wessel Reijman at Catacomben Studios, it captures an emotional feeling which comes as close to their live shows as possible. With a presence in the middle of the audience rather than on a big stage, they even let the biggest venues seem intimate. Get ready to be sucked into a very heavy and loud void.


1. What Will Be Lost/Won’t Happen Again
2. The Day He Died
3. Constant Failure
4. Ceremony
5. Patterns Rise
6. Glass Queen
7. Galling
8. Ready To Fall


Jesse Stey – Guitar
Jordi van Putten – Bass
Bart van der Blom – Drums
Marius Prins – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Niels Koster – Vocals

Vinyl pressing info:

140gr colored vinyl
heavy cardboard sleeve
insert sheet
digital download

Release date: January 8th 2021

FFO: Oathbreaker, Rise and Fall, Regarde Les Hommes Tombre, Amenra, Ultha

‘Throwing Bricks managed to create an impressively stylish and gripping debut album with “What Will Be Lost”.’

‘The apparent varying influences mesh exceptionally well in a listening experience that’s unique and highly compelling, with no shortage of emotional depth, heaviness, and honesty.’ 
– The Void Report

‘This first Throwing Bricks album leaves us with the feeling that it will be good to keep an eye on them.’ 

‘What Will Be Lost is a murky and draining slog indeed, which is exactly what it aims to be.’ 
– Distorted Sound Magazine

‘What Will Be Lost ends up being a solid and dramatic post-hardcore shoved sludgy post-metal album.’
 – Grizzly Butts

‘This album sounds both lovely and nasty’ 
– The Razor’s Edge

‘Throwing Bricks know how to manipulate the material to their taste and liking, they show that they know it well’ 
– Webzine

‘This is a tremendous release which is recorded impeccably to give a real boost to the quality execution of ideas laid out within. There are no weak points, this is a very real contender to make it into end of year charts.’ 
– Echoes And Dust


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