Comatose Music sign Filipino death machine EXTERMINATED!

The ranks of the Comatose Music battalions continue to swell as the label prepares for a fresh assault on the world’s hearing and standards of decency in 2021. The latest new recruits are Exterminated, a two piece death squad formed by Ace Estandian (Anal FissureGuillotined) in 2016. The official statement from Comatose reads as follows…”Filipino savages Exterminated join the ranks of Comatose Music for the release of their debut full length album The Genesis of Genocide in 2021. This will be the follow up to their 2018 EP Elements of Obliteration. With this new release expect a blunt force brutal death metal experience that is certain to pummel all mortals with its relentless assault of unforgiving blasting carnage. More details coming soon.”

To whet your appetite for the carnage to come band and label present a new lyric video, ‘The Art Of Mutilation‘ which you can see right here:

Prepare for The Genesis Of Genocide – coming your way in 2021!

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EXTERMINATED to unleash their savage debut, The Genesis Of Genocide, through Comatose Music on April 9th!


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