Third video released from new upcoming GIOTOPIA-album…..!!!

Here is the video of Chapter Three: “BAD BLOOD RESURRECTED” from the upcoming album ‘TRINITY OF EVIL!

As you might or not might know, we will release song by song in video form for the new album!

Enjoy the third chapter, featuring guest appearances from Jürgen Wulfes (Thomsen, Cholane, ex-Moon’Doc), Kelly Thans (Vocal Life Of A Kelly), Sara Vanderheyden (Cathubodua), YGC (The Losts), Jennifer Thomé (Siren’s Legacy, UNE) and Jeff Metal (Devil’s Desire)!

Here is the link:

About Giotopia:

Giotopia is an epic fantasy tale on music. Each chapter comes with a song and every musician has his own character in our story.

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Second video released from new upcoming GIOTOPIA-album…..!!!


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