SCALP – Domestic Extremity Debut LP From Southern California Death Metal/Hardcore Quartet Out Now Through Creator-Destructor Records

Domestic Extremity, the shredding debut LP by California-based death metal/hardcore quartet SCALP, is out now through Creator-Destructor Records and streaming in its entirety.

SCALP is Southern California’s most violent and unpredictable new outfit, bred on a wide range of influences from across and beyond the realms of extreme music. Facets of classic and technical death metal, West Coast crust, and modern hardcore unite in an explosive attack in the vein of Nails, Dead In The Dirt, Dystopia, Homewrecker, and Terminal Nation. With their demo on the shelf for one year, SCALP now unloads their brutalizing debut full-length, Domestic Extremity, unloading ten tracks as devastating as they are lyrically pressing in the current state of the country.

Engineered and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit (Nails, Xibalba, Twitching Tongues) in August of 2020, Domestic Extremity was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, Obituary, Dropdead). The record features additional vocals on “Scalp” by Thqms of No Time Records, additional samples by Taylor Young on “Depleted Mass,” and spoken elements in “Bastard Land” by Nikko Jenkins, and is completed with cover Art by Kris Garcia, Julietta Weinstein, Jack Baker, Cole Sattler, and Jessica Renich.

Unload SCALP’s entire Domestic Extremity LP now at Bandcamp RIGHT HERE.

Domestic Extremity is out now through all digital providers and on two limited vinyl variants in runs of 125 each via Bandcamp HERE and the Creator-Destructor webshop HERE.

Watch for a livestream set and more on SCALP to be posted over the weeks ahead.

“The Southern California outfit absolutely slays, spewing forth elements of power violence, death metal, hardcore, and sludge in a truly terrifying way.” – No Echo

“…the band blend elements of hardcore, death metal and grindcore into a visceral, violent melting pot. It’s a chaotic combination that sees them join bands like Cult Leader, Full Of Hell, and Nails on the most savage end of the hardcore spectrum.” – Distorted Sound Magazine

SCALP spew forth some sincere and unadulterated rage with their debut Domestic Extremity. Their message is the need of the hour, and when spoken with such emotional honesty, it’s hard not to sit up and notice. Ruthless!” – Everything Is Noise

“Domestic Extremity is drenched in throwback grind, punk, hardcore, and death metal. With short, hard-hitting songs, the band cuts through the current state of underground punk and metal to great success. It is heavy. It is fast. It is noisy. It is all-around satisfying.” – New Noise Magazine

“Taking their influences from the broad spectrum of the extreme music scene, whether that be the technicality of death metal, the ferocious assault of grinding power violence or the political indignation of punk and hardcore, Scalp look to examine the soul of their nation, and what they find is not pretty.” – The Razor’s Edge

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