Finnish hard’n heavy rock band STUD released new album ‘War Of Power’

Finnish hard’n heavy rock band STUD released new album “War Of Power“.

Listen to the album:


STUD also released a music video of album’s title track which can be viewed here:

War of Power” is certainly band’s best and most versatile effort yet and it sounds killer.The album contains 10 tracks of STUD’s trademark sound. The title song is a monster and the video is a description of battles going on around the world. 

The album is strong with lyrics, but the melodic and catchy songs still take the front seat in this hard’n heavy rock masterpiece. STUD’s catchy songs vary from fast to heavy retaining always band’s own recognizable style. 

The best professionals in the business attended working with the album. The album was mastered by Svante Forsbäck who has engineered bands like Rammstein, Volbeat and Candlemass. 

Before their fourth album they have released albums Out of the Darkness (2013), Rust On the Rose (2014) and Circle of Lies (2017). 

STUD is a true pioneer of Finnish heavy rock. Band was founded back in 1986. The band toured intensively and appeared in Finnish media regularly until they decided
to call it quits at the end of the 80’s.

In 2011 STUD was born again. After their return STUD has grown their fanbase among lovers of traditional heavy rock.

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