KORPIKLAANI – release single & video for “Mylly” / pre-order for new album “Jylhä” starts NOW!

Finnish folk metal Superstars KORPIKLAANI are proud to unveil “Mylly” as the second single from their upcoming album “Jylhä” (out February 5th, 2021, on NUCLEAR BLAST). The song is accompanied by a stunning & darkly atmospheric music video, which manages to capture the song’s rather melancholic tone quite perfectly. As of today, “Jylhä” can officially be pre-ordered in various physical formats. 





out: February 5th, 2021

1. Verikoira
2. Niemi
3. Leväluhta
4. Mylly
5. Tuuleton
6. Sanaton Maa
7. Kiuru
8. Miero
9. Pohja
10. Huolettomat
11. Anolan aukeat
12. Pidot
13. Juuret


– CD Jewelcase

– Gatefold 2LP (Black)

– Gatefold 2LP (Green) (limited to 500)

NOTE: The 2LP will have a gorgeous silk print on its D-side!



Finnish myths and folklore have always had a major influence on KORPIKLAANI’s lyrics. Their new album ”Jylhä” makes no exception and continues this journey with a collection of tales of folklore, nature, celebration and even 3 stories of murder, including the infamous Lake Bodom murders. “Jylhä” can be described as “Majestic” and also as wild & rugged in a strong beautiful way.

KORPIKLAANI’s new single Mylly (engl. “Mill”) was influenced by the story of a working man’s journey to a mill, causing him to cross paths with what seems to be the devil: “Finnish folklore tells the story of a man’s journey to the mill. Along the way, he sees a figure sitting on a fence, a “devil” with a hoof as one foot. The man is frightened at what he sees and freezes in place. The character disappears and the man remembers hearing the story of the devil living in the mill. Eventually, the man continues his journey and overcomes his fears. At the mill, he feels he is finally equal to the past and the present. Fences rot, fall, but the spirit and stories remain, over generations and over ages. The video tells us about our character’s journey to the mill with the last of his grains. “Devil” is the deceiver, who is tempting the man to give up his grains by appealing to his weaknesses.”

Musically the song continues a more serious, restrained and also slightly melancholic approach which suits KORPIKLAANI very well.

Jonne Järvelä states: “’Mylly’ started taking shape when our ex-accordion player Juho Kauppinen told me he had some song ideas that might fit Korpiklaani. The main riff caught my ear immediately, so I was happy to start working on the track. After just a couple of days the song was ready, and Tuomas Keskimäki wrote the lyrics right away as well. 
The video saga that started with ‘Leväjuhta’ will continue, with actor Yrjänä Ermala returning to the main role. Ermala’s looks and the sound of his name might give you the impression that he’s a mean version of the Finnish ‘devil’ aka ‘perkele’, but the man’s heart is pure gold. Yrjänä is not only an actor, but also a luthier of traditional instruments, a blacksmith etc… is there anything he can’t do?!

Also acting in the video are my 10-year-old daughter Tinja Järvelä (who was featured in our ‘Henkselipoika’ video a couple of years ago) and actor/musician Toni Koskipuro, who nailed the role of the cunning devil!”

The music video for “Mylly” was again directed by Markku Kirves who also shot the video for the first single Leväluhta” which you can still watch here:

Mylly” Video Credits:

Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Script: Markku Kirves
Light & grip assistants: Tomi Malin & Toni Kolbe
Production house: Pajula Productions

Man: Yrjänä Ermala
Deceiver: Toni Koskipuro
Girl: Tinja Järvelä

The film was shot at the Kiitanen farm (Sysmä) and at Hotilankoski Mill (Hartola) 2020.

Thanks to Eeva-Liisa & Lauri Kirves at the Kiitanen farm for location & catering, cheers to our talented actors Yrjänä, Toni and Tinja and special thanks to Mikko & Susanna Summa who provided our transport vechile to location. Also thanks to Tomi Malin & Toni Kolbe for assisting with lights & smoke, Mikko Stylman / Hotilankoski Mill, Seppo Simmala, Artistiasu, Isobar Finland and Valofirma.


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