ACROLYSIS / REAVER – Release their new split EP The Nobody Crowd & Lyric Video for the title track

Acrolysis and Reaver release the remaining tracks from their sophomore split EP, The Nobody Crowd, with their mission-statement title track and the pounding, thought-provoking Visions.

Unlike the previously released singles, these two songs are a collaborative effort between both bands. Konstantine Ana, vocalist/guitarist of Acrolysis and bassist of Reaver says “We wanted to do something unique when doing this joint/split EP. Usually, bands do something like this to save costs and they generally feature a song each. We did that with A Message to You (Acrolysis) and Broken Smoker (Reaver) but we wanted to try and collaborate with each other. We were excited to work with one another to create something together. It’s something that hasn’t been done before to my knowledge so hearing how our styles blend together was an exciting experience.”

Thee two songs, The Nobody Crowd and Visions, are available from 25 November on Bandcamp and all streaming services:

A Message to You (Acrolysis):

Visions (Acrolysis x Reaver):

Broken Smoker (Reaver):

The Nobody Crowd (Acrolysis x Reaver):

Acrolysis are:
Konstantine Ana – Vocals & Guitar
Amit Bamay – Drums
Mytal Baba – Bass

In 2017, Konstantine Ana (vocals/guitar) would form a band Acrolysis with like minded musicians Amit Bamay (drums) and Mytal Baba (bass). They used it as a medium to express their point of view both political and social. They combined 80s thrash metal with 90s grunge/alternative and punk to create an intense and extreme sound inspired by artists like Metallica, Soundgarden and Dead Kennedys. They hit the stages of pubs and clubs and their sound was defined by their heavy riffs, aggressive sound, quirky vocality and their distinct social awareness. In 2019, they released their debut EP Black Dog’s Serenade, being an impressive first effort from the newcomers and putting their names out there. They would tap into the political zeitgeist and discuss themes of corrupt institutionalism and the influence of media.

Reaver are:
Zac Marshall – Vocals
Daniel McGregor – Guitar
Phil McDermott – Drums
Konstantine Ana – Bass

In 2014, Reaver was formed when an attempt at a joke grind core release from its members Zac Marshall (vocals) and Phil McDermott (drums) turned into serious jamming with high school friend Danny McGregor (guitar). They would play pubs and clubs around Sydney and neighbouring states gaining a reputation for their sound. They combined elements of thrash metal, death metal, metalcore and punk to create a sound which can only be described by its fast speed, its blistering sound, focused lyrics and harsh vocals. Their style would be akin to bands like Exodus, Trivium and Unearth. In 2018, Reaver released their debut, self titled, three-track EP featuring pub and local favourites. They would craft songs which were vicious and aggressive, identifiable by their distinguishable sound, which gained them a small notoriety among the underground.

1. A Message to you  (Acrolysis)
2. Visions  (Acrolysis x Reaver)
3. Broken Smoker  (Reaver)
4. The Nobody Crowd  (Acrolysis x Reaver)

Mixed and Mastered by Matt Clarke
Artwork design by All4band

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