Six Italian bands to tribute IN FLAMES

Sweden’s influential and long revered heavy metal giants IN FLAMES are celebrating two major milestones in 2020 with their 30th anniversary as a band, and 20th anniversary of their seminal, critically acclaimed album, Clayman. The band recently release a special version of the record, Clayman 20th Anniversary Edition, honoring the breakthrough release on August 28th, 2020. In answer to this re-mastered version six italian bands joined forces to tribute In Flames!

The initiative started by the guys from Jumpscare also involving the frontmen of other italian heavy metal bands such as Hellucination, Nebulae, Despite Exile, Release The Blackness and ROT, the cover wants to be a tribute to In Flames who in these twenty years with the release of their Clayman have changed the world heavy metal music scene, a seminal album that has opened the doors to many other bands and many other related metal music genres.

<< We believe that albums like Clayman, Colony and Come Clarity were the way to sound for modern metal, probably none of us would have played or toured with our music without these records. This initiative was unpretentious, it’s basically a thank you a tribute to them, to the Gothenburg quintet that influenced us so much without which we would never have played an instrument or made our own music. Thank you guys! IN FLAMES WE TRUST!
We would like to warmly thank Simone e Tullio of Wolfear for the keyboards parts, all the frontmen of the bands who participated, we thank them for their time and their friendship, hoping to be able to hug each other again after this bad period. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO Hellucination, Despite Exile, ROT, Nebulae and Release the Blackness.We hope that all the metalheads out there enjoy this version, we had so much fun to make it! >> – Jumpscare’s statement

The full cover version will be out on 30/11/2020
Premiere Link:

Line Up:
Ciro “Kirion” Silvano (JUMPSCARE) –
Francesco Xella (Hellucination) –
Jei Doublerice (Despite Exile) –
Miriam Granatiello (Nebulae) –
Eddy Scissorhands (R.O.T.) –
Rocco Minichiello (Release The Blackness)-

Vincenzo Mussolino (all parts except solo), Andrea Di Martino (solo)
Salvatore Andrea Ciccarelli
Graziano Ciccarelli
KeyBoards & EFX:
Courtesy of Simone Ulino & Tullio Carleo (WOLFEAR) –

Mixed and Mastered by Andrea Di Martino @ Vault Lab Headquarters –

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