Streaming Now! Montreal’s CELL PRESS’ Noisey, Sludgy Debut Self-Titled EP

Out Nov 27th, Limited Edition Cassette from Ancient Temple Recordings and No Funeral Records

Lineup (L to R): Sean Arsenian (Guitar, Vox), Joey Cormier (Bass), Mark McGee (Drums), PQ (Vox)

Hard to pinpoint exactly when it comes to genres, Montreal’s Cell Press brings listeners a cacophony of grindcore, noise, sludge, and extreme metal.

The eclectic ep may not be metal enough or noise-rock enough or sludge enough for some, but Cell Press gets bored really fast and the result is serious channel surfing taking advantage of a wide variety of influences. With this release, they have gone all out to wrap their ideas up in a burlap sack, tied with razor wire. As the band says in their own words:

“This EP sorta sums up what we’re about at this particular moment. Genre people might not be satisfied with our lack of adherence to any one sound for too long but we didn’t make these songs for those sort of people.”

This ep is designed as a broad introduction to the band, and new listeners will hopefully anticipate what else is coming down the pipe in the future. It upholds the high standards Cell Press sets for themselves and each song is quite different from the others.

Super loud and aggressive, Cell Press is a sort of hybridized amalgamation of influences, and most recommended for fans of Jesus Lizard, Converge, and Botch.

Before the EP officially released on Friday, November 27th, it’s full can be heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

Digital pre-order from Cell Press here.
Limited edition cassette pre-order available from No Funeral Records here and Ancient Temple Recordings on Nov 27th.

Music Video “Desert Breath” YouTube  

Track Listing:
1. Piss Police (3:35)
2. Desert Breath (2:52)
3. Blacked Out In Verdun (2:37)
4. Dead At OACI (3:31)
5. My Son Will No The Truth 11:40
EP Length: 24:18

For more info:

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