OREAMNOS Debut Album Into The Night is Out Now and Streaming!

OREAMNOS has released mind-bending debut album Into The Night on Bloody Mountain Records. Purchase, stream, and revel in it at the following location:

From the ashes of WEVERIN comes a new band from sole members Samuel (Weverin, Phthisis, Governmental Crucifixion) and Matthew (Valdur, Sxuperion, Weverin, SXAP). That band is OREAMNOS.

Both members OREAMNOS worked together for the entirety of WEVERIN’s lifespan. On Into The Night, a different approach rises up to bring a mix of old and new, combined with a heavy atmosphere and precise riffing. OREAMNOS allows Samuel’s guitar playing and Matthew’s precise drumming to dive into the minds of unsuspecting listeners with weight and imagination.

“Oreamnos have created something genuinely impressive with their debut album. They’ve managed to make music that is simultaneously crushingly heavy and evil, while also being dark, brooding and atmospheric.”– Cave Dweller Music

“Incredibly inspired, occult death metal that emphasizes menacing cavernous sprawl.”– Grizzly Butts

Track List:

  1. Into the Night
  2. Shadows of Misery
  3. Bombastic Utterances
  4. Torrid Hate
  5. March Towards Oblivion
  6. Forlorn (Fire of Despair)

Album Credits:

Doug White – Watchmen Studios
Kevin Andreassian – Backroom Studios
Matthew S. – Bloody Mountain Bunker / Canyon Lodge Studios
Sean K. – Mastering

Pre-order Into The Night:


Sam – guitars, lead guitar, bass (Weverin, Phthisis, Governmental Crucifixion)
Matthew – drums, vocals, lead guitar, mixing/fx (Valdur, Sxuperion, Weverin, SXAP)

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